Posted by: mosblog | October 22, 2008


Well, here’s an update for anyone who cares to read it!

Spokane was great. A bit chilly but not rainy, so that’s great! We had tons of fun with Steve and Brooke and their girls. We went to a great little park with hills and everyone but Paige and I rolled down the hills, played freeze tag, and jumped into a pile of pine needles (although I think even Paigey did that!). I was the photographer! We also went to Mobius with the kids and Eric. We went out to dinner with just the 4 of us to Red Robin (yum!), then walked around the mall, then Eric and I got ice cream and caught a movie. We also watched the Office together, plus Kath and Kim, Brooke and I took walks. Or maybe it was just one walk? We of course went to her Roller Derby Bout where the Pretty Deadlies crushed the Toothless Annies. I nearly lost my voice and it took my about 10 minutes to quit yelling out for “Brooke” and start yelling for “Lu Lu Lunatic.” We found out the latest from the fashion police, also known as Brooke’s brother Corey. We napped, ate Brooke’s triple-layer chocolate cake with an AMAZING chocolate frosting and homemade raspberry filling, and went out to a sports bar that had more tvs on it than you can imagine. We also drove around and saw some of the area, which is pretty in the fall, went to their church (which was cool), had yummy meals made by Brooke, and did a little bit of shopping. We went to Boo Radley’s twice and took the kids to play on the giant Radio Flyer Wagon Slide. The 4 kids were really kind to each other during the trip (for the most part!). They all got along really well.

Okay, so moving on. We’ve been home for 7 days now. In those 7 days we’ve cleaned the Lakeport house, totally repainted (with 3-4 coats) one of the bedrooms, packed up the rest of the Kelseyville house, moved to the new place, spent almost 10 hours cleaning the old place, and started unpacking the new place. All of this with Eric working normal hours, Bella going to school, attending church, etc. Yikes! God bless my Mom for coming to live with us for 3 days at the Kville house! I couldn’t have done it all without her around-the-clock help with the kids!

I suppose that’s about it for now. I wish I had pics to put up but my computer isn’t all the way set up. Oh, but I am on high speed internet now. Glory! The new project is finding balance. Not on the computer too much, not too many dropins throughout the days, not constantly running little errands, etc. I’ll figure it out soon enough though.



  1. I will refrain from coming over every time I come into town. 🙂

  2. what….no dropins?? i thought that is why you moved back to L-town?! 🙂

  3. sorry….Aunt Bea is Fossy

  4. Awww….back at the old place, huh?? I love that precious house. Have a lot of fond memories…like running Jeeves into the concrete post. Good times:-)

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