Posted by: mosblog | November 4, 2008

Tour de Lake County Churches

This Sunday marks the first week of our journey around the lake to visit churches. Our mission is twofold. #1: Check out the work that God is doing in other churches. #2: Find where God wants us to attend.

We may have some people from Edge joining us on our journey. We plan to blog our thoughts here each week after we’ve gone to a church and we will focus on the positives of the church. We plan to start at the north end of the lake and circle it counter-clockwise.

Stop #1: Community Baptist Church in Nice: 2877 E. Hwy 20, Nice, CA
9:30- Sunday School for all ages; 11:00- Worship Service



  1. good luck! i am happy for you that you can go to church as a family now…with your husband. I guess I never really stopped to think about how being in a leadership position really affects your family time. I hope you find “your place” as soon as possible!

  2. hi Monica

    We too will be praying for God’s guidance. I have been thinking about you and praying for you guys since I heard.

    I love the new look for your blog! Send me an email and I will send you a private invite for my new blog. That is if you have nothing else to do!!!!!!!! hehehe Meredith

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