Posted by: mosblog | November 9, 2008

Stop #1 of Tour de Lake County Churches

Our take on Community Baptist Church in Nice….

Distance from our house—Yes, the church was in Nice, but since the church is just down the road from the cutoff it doesn’t take that long to get to…we actually were running so far ahead of schedule when we were on our way that we stopped in to Beth and Jesse’s house and visited with them for a few, met their dogs, etc.

Sunday School—

The kids went to Kids Club where they were on week #8 of an 8 week lesson series with a cowboy theme that taught about the Isrealites. My kids seemed to really enjoy it, but were pretty nervous about letting me leave them there alone…and usually the youngest that they take is about 4 years old, so Noah was a little young anyway. I stayed until the very last 10 minutes of it when I finally was able to slip away. The kids had fun songs to sing and dance to, a “point of the day” and a verse to memorize, a couple of short movie clips to go along with everything, coloring, playing, praying, and winning little gold nuggets for prizes later.

Eric went to adult Sunday school. He said the DVD called “That the World May Know” was really good. Lots of interesting things in it about Jericho. They had a discussion time afterwards. He enjoyed the people in it and got a really great analogy comparing life to watching a football game while he was there. J

The People—Everyone was really friendly and happy. It was kind of a family atmosphere…lots of older folks, families with teens, and families with little kids. The place was filled up (there’s room for more people to attend though). Oh, and some people were dressed like Baptists, others were wearing what you’d see at Edge.

The Worship—While the worship wasn’t what we’re used to, it was still good. Margie Robert (the pastor’s wife) led the worship time. She did a mix of newer songs and old hymns. She sang to music on CDs, which I thought I would find distracting, but actually I’m always distracted the first few times I go to a new church and the music on CD allowed me not to be distracted by musicians and playing styles, etc. There’s room for growth in their music area, but they are doing great with what they have.

Sermon—I liked it. Pastor Rich never read from notes, he walked around the stage talking, but was clear and kept with his notes that were in the bulletin. He had good points, some jokes, and the biggest 4 things for me were that he knew the Word, he could explain himself clearly, he loved the Lord, and he loved the people.

Overall we thought it was a great church. We recommend people checking it out for sure! If you want to go somewhere with friendly people, good sermons and a pastor who loves the people it seems like a great place to go!

Stop #2: Lake County Bible Fellowship (formerly known as First Baptist Church): 775 N Forbes Street, Lakeport. 9:30- Adult Sunday School, 10:45- Worship Service

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  1. Sounds like you had a great morning!
    I’m happy that you will be visiting with us next week. I’ll try not to dress like a “Baptist” 🙂

  2. Hey Nancy! Sorry about that. I didn’t mean it in a bad way! We had a small discussion on facebook about what a person would wear to a baptist church. Some people were joking about poyester pants suits or long skirts and bad shoes….that’s where that comment stemmed from. Some of the older ladies (far older than you or I!) wore the old school stuff as you’d expect them to at any church…most people wore whatever they wanted, as you’d see at most churches. 🙂

    And besides, you don’t attend a baptist church anymore! Lake County Bible Fellowship!!!

  3. M~ that was my ever so lame attempt at humor. I spent so many years wearing the long skirts it felt like I was naked the first time I wore a short(er) one!

  4. 🙂 Good grief! How short was the shorter one???? I say, if you can see cheeks hanging out the back of it you should probably get a longer one!

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