Posted by: mosblog | November 16, 2008

Stops #2 & #3 of Tour de Lake County Churches

Last night we were inspired to attend Grace Evangelical Free Church AND Lake County Bible Fellowship this Sunday. Here’s what we thought….

We went to their first service which started at 9. During the service there was a nursery for babies and toddlers, as well as Sunday school for kids and adults.

Stuff for the kids—The nursery was great. Very clean, lots of toys, nice workers, and a paging system if you so choose. Noah screamed (and kicked) for about 30 seconds when I left, but then he was fine. Bella went to Sunday school during the service. She really enjoyed it.

Worship—It was more subdued, quieter than we’re used to. It might be because it was the early service, but it was probably ¾ full so I don’t think that was it. The song selection was great though, and Eric liked the fact that while there were two acoustic guitars being played in the same band, they weren’t playing the same thing. Gary Madison led and was on one guitar. A big shout out to Bill VanDerWall who played a mean sax during it! That was a treat. There was Jack Elizares on the drums, Jessica Madison on vocals and keyboard, Chris Moe on guitar, Scott Bennett on bass, Joel Sombs on vocals, a gentleman on a recorder, and our friend Wes Nelms (in the front row worshipping his heart out! J).

Sermon—The sermon was great! Pastor Garry was preaching in Ephesians, particularly on the Helmet of Salvation. I’ve always gotten a bit confused as to how to “put on the helmet of salvation” and he made it very clear. He was engaging, humorous, inspiring, well spoken and very knowledgeable. No fluff.

The people at Grace were very friendly, welcoming, and lovely. We know many of them and felt very welcome there by the ones we knew as well as the ones who we hadn’t yet met.

We’re going back tonight because our friend Chris Sherwood is being officially installed as the youth pastor there. 5:30, if you want to join us!

Lake County Bible Fellowship—

(formerly known as First Baptist Church in Lakeport)

Stuff for kids—They had a nice nursery with great helpers in it (Tyler Silva and Alison Goldsberry). Noah once again flipped out when I left him there but immediately calmed down. (He doesn’t even like it when I leave him in his bedroom to sleep!) Bella went to Jr Church after the worship time. She enjoyed it.

Worship—The worship was great. Eric said the band seemed well rehearsed and comfortable with the music, which helps put the rest of us worshippers at ease. The main leader guy (Mike Mudd) was an older rocker kind of guy singing and playing acoustic guitar very well. There was a guy on the electric guitar and Jordan Mills played the drums and was great! Shelly Lawson’s son played bass, and two women sang vocals. Song selection was good, although there were a couple of songs we’d never sung before. They were good at creating a worshipful atmosphere, and it was nice and loud. J The worship was the closer to what we’re used to than the other two churches we’ve visited.

Sermon—Pastor Mark was great! He had lots of funny things to say, was engaging, and made you understand a text in Romans that was a heavy one. He also had power point to go along with the sermon, which I really liked too! He’s easy to listen to, but deep, and sticks to the Bible alone. It was meaty stuff!

There were quite a few people there (and that doesn’t include the new ones like us, the Stovalls and the Mortons!). We knew a lot of the regular attenders. And I got to see a lady I had met at the library recently, so that was cool.

Stop #4: Grace Evangelical Free Church (we’re going for the full experience this time, not just a last minute drop in), 6716 Live Oak Drive, Kelseyville. 9:00: First Service and Sunday School, 10:45: Second Service



  1. Wish we could of join you at Grace this morning but still fighting this bug that would let go. Sounds like you enjoyed both Churches. I want to hear about tonight’s too!

  2. We went to the install service at Grace tonight. It was great! They did two worship songs and seemed to play a little more freely and relaxed than during the morning service. And Pastor Garry did a really great job with the whole thing. Maybe around 125 people there or so. They did a few prayer times, some speaking and a charge for Pastor Chris. I’m really liking the things Pastor Garry says. He’s very humble and in tune with the Lord.

  3. My heart is sad for Noah. 😦

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