Posted by: mosblog | November 24, 2008

Stop #4 of Tour de Lake County Churches

We decided this week we’d get the full Grace Evangelical Free Church experience….the only problem was, Noah has had a runny nose so I couldn’t put him in the nursery. So, Eric and Bella went to Sunday School, then Noah and I joined them for second service. Rocky (Eric’s Dad) also came with us (Sharon was out of town).

Eric loved Sunday School. He went to Matt Carpenter’s class where they are studying 1 and 2 Samuel. There were about 8 in the class. He said those particular books are great for study, plus Matt is an excellent teacher and they had good discussion. Bella also loved her class.

I showed up during the 30 minute time between services. It’s nice they have that time because then you can see and hang out with the people for a bit who just finished first service. It was cool. Lots of people greeted us/talked to us/gave us hugs.

Chris Moe and a band (Jack on drums, Deanna on Piano, Scott on bass, and Judy B, Lisa B, and two of the guys from the youth group sang) lead worship. While the songs were a little on the maranatha side (which can be okay depending on your taste and attitude), Chris did a great job of leading. He was a natural up there and was a good leader. And I enjoyed watching Lisa Black up there…she was really happy and worshipful.

The sermon was given by Pastor Garry. He is excellent. He spoke on the Bible (our Sword) and what it means for our lives (especially if we’d “GRASP” it!). It was very motivating and informational. He’s very engaging and clearly has a passion for the Word and for the people there. We both enjoyed his sermon.

The downside to second service is that if your child is between 4 and 6 years of age they stay in the service (nursery goes up to 3 years old, and there’s children’s choir for 7-12 year olds). Bella can handle that, but since I didn’t know there wasn’t anything we weren’t prepared with activities. They are working on starting a junior church program during that service. I hear the children’s directors (Lori Baker and Margaret Moser) just came on the job, so they are working on many things.

Afterwards we were invited over to Boone and Janelle’s for lunch with them and Glenn and Anita. That was also really nice. We had good fellowship and good food. Can’t ask for more!

Stop #4: Clear Lake Baptist Church: 555 N Forbes Street, Lakeport. 9:15- Bible Study for all ages; 10:45- worship (with nursery and junior church). Join us! (this will probably be our final stop-in)


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