Posted by: mosblog | November 26, 2008

Support Your Local Everyone!

I’ve recently become very passionate about shopping locally. Mostly Lakeport and Kelseyville. I think it’s because Carlos and Vinny’s had to shut down and it just made me sad to see someone struggling. As a person who owns a business locally I know it can be tough to stay alive right now when you have to rely on locals only.

With that said, I’ve been thinking of ways we all can support our local shops. Here are some ideas for this holiday season….

1) Make your Christmas Wish List based on local shops. Go in, look around, make a list for your loved ones. There’s a lot here to choose from, AND it’s really not most expensive than shopping online (no shipping fees!) or in the city (no gas and food costs OR temptation to buy more than you would locally).

2) Shop the locals BEFORE going to the city or online. At least give them a chance first.

3) Quit watching ads on tv, quit reading ads in the newspaper, quit reading ads or e-mails online. These will make you want more than you need. Trust me! This is going to help me a lot. I just looked at an ad in the paper this morning and I kept saying “Eric, they have such-and-such for only $15….Eric, they have this for only $400 (regularly $700!).” They were all things that were great deals, but not local and not things I actually needed.

4) Change your budget this year. If you think that the nicer items that are local are a little too expensive (yes, a pair of really nice wool slippers will cost more than some cheapos from Wal-Mart that will fall apart before the new year) then spend a little less on each person.

5) Comment below about a local shop you’ve been in to that has great items. Tell us what some of the cool things were, the great customer service you received, the prices, etc. Spread the word!

With that said….below are some places locally that I’d recommend (this is NOT an all-inclusive list!).

***Buy gift certificates from Rico Aroma (in the Safeway Center), The Kitchen Shoppe (on Main St, Lkpt), Perlz (Main St, Kville), Angelina’s Bakery (Main St, Lkpt), Sheri’s Secret Garden (Main St, Lkpt), Flower’s By Jackie (Main St, Lkpt), etc.

***Costless over by Dollar Tree has stuff from Costco that’s slightly damaged or just not being sold by Costco anymore. They have lots of different things over there at better prices than Costco (plus you don’t have to go far or have a membership!) and they even have food items.

***English Inn in Lakeport on Main Street has a really beautiful Christmas Shopping area in their Bed & Breakfast. The prices are really great too! You can get tea stuff, or soaps and lotions, or CHristmas decor, baby items, etc. Check it out! Even I like it, and I’m not a girly-girl.

***Kerrie’s Quit Shop on High Street in Lakeport has really great fabric and it’s not any more costly than getting it online or in stores. She can also order just about anything…notions, ribbons, fabric, etc. Once she puts the order in it only takes 2 days to get it.

Where else would you recommend, and why?



  1. Another idea…go to the Thrift Stores in town (Penny Lane has new and used stuff!) and recycle some of the stuff into new gifts. You’re helping the environment and your local economy. Some ideas….buy 100$ wool sweaters, felt them, and then make them into other things….purses, arm warmers, stuffed animals, etc. Buy old lady dresses with beading on them and turn them into the tall pointed princess hats, or a princess dress. What else? I’ll think about it some more.

  2. The Banjo Hangout ( has some wonderful banjo shirts and hats for that banjo player in your family. 🙂

  3. My Friend Amy owns LakeWind Skincare in Lakeport. She does facials, tweezing, tinting, etc. She said that business is incredibly slow right now and it usually isn’t so even buying a gift certificate from her would help.

    I like all the places Monica recommended, especially Shari’s Secret Garden, Angelina’s and the English Inn.

    And when you need a pick me up then go to Bigg’s Diner and pick up one of their new Iced Coffees or a pumpkin spice milkshake. Yum, Yum!

    And since Eric put in a plug for his website I decided to put a plug in for my piano lessons. Who wouldn’t want lessons? 🙂 Actually, praise the Lord, I have 16 students and only one opening left. I honestly didn’t think that would happen this year.

  4. One other thing to keep in mind while shopping is to try and only use the cash you have or write a check. When you use a credit card you usually end up spending more that you intended to and if you don’t pay it off right away, you pay more for your original purchase with the finance fees. Another thing to remember is that wherever you use it, that business has to pay a transaction fee. Usually 1- 2% of that purchase. AND that business pays for YOUR rewards and miles if you use a card that has one of those programs, NOT the credit card companies. Then your local business loses income on the purchases that you are making. It is usually between 2.5- 2.9% of every one.

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