Posted by: mosblog | December 1, 2008

Stop #5 of Tour de Lake County Churches

Today we went to Clear Lake Baptist Church (technically, we double dipped as we went to Grace for first service/Sunday School first). First, understand that Eric and I met at this church when I was 7 and he was 4….25 years ago! J Walking into the building brought back lots of good memories. (One that stuck out to Eric was from when he was around 7, sitting in the front row with a few other boys, and Pastor John Ramey stopped in the middle of his sermon to tell them to be quiet! Ha!)

Anyway, it was emptier than usual today because many people were out of town for the holiday. They tend to have more of an older group attending the church, which was actually quite nice coming from a church full of mostly young people. Everyone at CLBC was really, really friendly…making us and the kids feel welcome, helping us to know what was available for the kids (a great nursery and a fabulous junior church), inviting us to come join them again, etc.

The worship music was a blend of hymns (we actually sang out of hymnals part of the time, which was something we haven’t done in a long time!) and some more contemporary songs. Their praise group was out of town this weekend so Pastor Ray Smith and his wife Lori, along with Dee Wilcox on the piano (Dee was my Kindergarten teacher!) led the worship.

There was a small choir that sang a medley of songs in the middle. And Lori sang a song for special music (Paul Baloche’s “Your Name”) which was really pretty.

The sermon was on the 10 commandments and what they mean for us today, and there was an invitation at the end for those who wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts. That was great. Pastor Ray did a nice job with his sermon. I never had to try to pay attention or anything and I understood and learned from what he spoke on. While it wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before, it was all a very good reminder.

Bella loved Junior Church. Corinne Wilcox taught it. (She was Eric’s 1st grade teacher!) Bella thought it was great. Noah stayed in with us as he’s getting fed up with being separated from us so much on Sundays. No one minded him being in there. I brought toys, projects and snacks for him, so for the most part he was quiet.

Afterwards we went to Taco Bell. We followed the Wilcox’s there. J Pastor Ray and Lori joined us and we had a good talk with them. We were able get more of a glimpse into their past and their hearts, the needs at the church and what else is going on there.

All in all, I’d say there’s a lot of potential at CLBC. It sounds like Pastor Ray has a real desire to grow the people there, spiritually and numerically, and the people really support him. Also, everyone is so sweet. I would recommend attending this church, especially if you have a heart to serve, as they could use people who love the Lord and are ready to minister. They have great facilities, they have Awana for the kids on Tuesdays, there is a junior and senior high youth group on Fridays, they are very much missions minded, they would like to work with other churches, and it feels very warm and loving.


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