Posted by: mosblog | February 4, 2009

Valentine’s Day Couples Challenge

In the spirit of the economy going downhill Eric and I have decided to challenge ourselves and all of you to have the best Valentine’s Day ever while also (ideally) spending the least amount of money you’ve ever spent.

What we’re doing is writing lists of ways the other person can make us feel loved on that particular day and then choosing which things we can actually make happen. This challenge can only work if both people agree on it…otherwise if wifey decides to give hubby a massage and hubby does nothing for wifey it won’t work! Yes, you both saved money, but now you’re going to have to spend more in couples therapy!

When I asked Eric for some ideas that the ladies can do for their men he rattled off: “food, sex, massage, watching sports, sci-fi movie, pedicure.”
To me that translates out to:
*Make him a delicious meal, maybe his favorite, or something creative that he may like.
*Sex (this one is ONLY for the married couples, people!)
*Massage: give him a real massage. Use lotion on his hairy back. Pray for him while you rub his shoulders. Really dig in. Set a timer so you can see that while it felt like 4hours, it was really only 2 minutes and you can press on.
*Watch Sports or a Sci-Fi movie with him, wether you like it or not. If he’s not in to either of those things, find out what he does like. If you can’t afford to rent a movie, or just don’t want to spend the money, go to the library and see what they have to offer. Some guys may even like it if you read to him, so find a book he’ll enjoy and start it off (make sure you ask first if this is something he’d like).
*Pedicure…really, you’ll both benefit from this…his feet will feel good to him and smell good to you! Soak his feet in warm, soapy water first, clean his toenails, clip them, etc, then rub a scrub on them (if you don’t have one, google how to make one from scratch), then rinse them in the water, then rub lotion on them.

Here are some ideas that the men can do for the ladies
*Home Pedicure (see above idea)
*Flowers. The cost on these will depend on where you live. Get roses out of your head! Think daffodils (a handful of them from Safeway right now is $3.50), or if you live around here the Paperwhites thought it was Spring and started blooming. Pick flowers if you can!
*The man makes dinner for his lady! Some of you already do that, but most don’t.
*Sit and talk about both of your interests.
*Snuggle up in front of the fire (or monitor heater?) and talk about your life dreams.
*Go for a walk together.
*Watch a chick flick and pretend you like it.

Now, what to do with the kids….
*Save money by not hiring a sitter. Instead, trade with a friend or relative. You have Valentine’s Day on Friday night while they watch your kids, then they have their Valentine’s Day on Saturday night while you watch their kids. The nice thing is it means the kids are out of the house while you’re having your special meal.
*I think what we’ll do is wear the kids out during the day (bike rides, park time, etc), then feed them dinner early and put them to bed early (7pm-ish) and then we’ll have dinner together and our time after that.

How about you? Are you up for the challenge of the best/cheapest Valentine’s Day ever? Comment on this blog and let me know what ideas you have (whether you’re doing them or not), and if you’re going to try this challenge out. Then, after Valetine’s Day I’ll add a new post about what we all did where you can tell how much you spent, what you did, and if it was good or not. But please remember…we don’t want ALL of the details! :o)


  1. Another idea that I’d love to receive from Eric (and that I’d imagine other women would love from their husbands) is random notes throughout the house of things he appreciates about me, or something. And a card. He writes the BEST cards!

  2. Another idea…dressing up and taking a picture together on a camera with a timer so you can take them yourself.

  3. Some of the things Bill has done for me in the past that really made my day: he cleared out one of my planter boxes and planted annuals one spring…totally washed and cleaned the interior of my car….burned me a CD of my favorite songs…

    some past valentines things include:

    prepare a special dinner–complete with setting the table with our good linens and doing a little printed menu….candles…etc.

    got a sitter, made a fire in the fireplace and had a picnic on our living room floor….

    one word: lingerie

    got all dressed up and went out to dessert as opposed to dinner…

    chilled champagne…

    get a special little gift for the other (like one year I got Bill a new guitar strap and picks and wrapped them up in a special box with ribbons and the works)….

    Most of this was sans kids (obviously)–although the children helped me with the special dinner. We’ve usually had a sitter for most of this, but also have done the “put the kids to bed” early routine…I like the trade-off recommend…

  4. We haven’t acknowledge valentines day for the past 5 years. That is the BEST way to save money. 🙂

  5. Wisers are in. i like this monica. thanks for the ideas. one of my favorites was when kelly wrote i love you on post its and put them everywhere in the house…i found them for months in the oddest places…still makes me smile.

  6. I like that there’s a couple out there willing to make the 14th about love, and less about money. You all should work on Christmas, if you haven’t already. Maybe I should check the archives…

  7. I love crossword puzzles (yes, it’s no surprise, I am a geek – I love any sort of word or number puzzle) and one year Todd made me a crossword and all the clues were about us and our relationship eg. “where we first met.” It took him such a long time to draw it out (no he didn’t just plug it in on a website) and fit all the words in. I still have it. Also, we never have candy in the house. We just don’t. So I have bought Todd a bag of sour worms for V-day as a special treat.

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