Posted by: mosblog | February 16, 2009

Valentine’s Day…

After posting about the Valentine’s Day Challenge I thought it only fair to post some of what we did. And basically, we did nothing. My choice. We didn’t celebrate except to let the kids open the Valentine’s from Grandparents and cousins. Why? Because I was sick like a dog. Just a cold but it kicked my patootie. I could hardly lug myself around all day. So, we’ve postponed it for now. Not sure when we’ll celebrate, but it doesn’t really matter because we all know that we’re loved by each other and we’re not restricted by the calendar as to when we tell each other that. So, there you have it! :o)

What did you all do? Care to share?



  1. David made us breakfast Saturday morning and then we took the kids to the snow up on Elk Mountain. Up there David even made a hot lunch for us that included hot chocolate that he made at the house and put in a thermos. After naps that afternoon the kids opened their cards from Bopa and Granny and Bella and Noah. We had a good valentines day and didn’t even have to spend money, well, except for the gas that it took to get up the mountain and back. 🙂

  2. Kelly made us French Toast for breakfast..each the way we like it. Michael, Lilly, and Kelly like lots of powdered sugar and butter and I got to try a new one…Captain Crunch batter and maple syrup. It was yummy… but in moderation. 🙂

    We all made homemade Valentines together and opened the homemade ones first and then the kids opened their ones from family. We watched Horton Hears a Who and stayed in our pajamas all day.

    Kelly and I exchanged projects for each other….he gave me his help in reorganizing my scraproom and I gave him massage table time during a movie of my choice.

    We did buy some chocolate for the kids and a valentine t-shirt but spent less than 15$.

    It was a great day. We all loved it.

    Sorry you were sick, Monica. That stinks but glad you had family time together.

  3. Rosie & I dressed up in evening wear (yeah, those fancy expensive dresses we wore at Uni balls and have just been sitting moldy in our cupboards since!) and were treated to a beautiful meal cooked by the boys after the kids were in bed. Todd even made chocolate soufflé! He’s a keeper!

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