Posted by: mosblog | March 4, 2009

How much knowledge is too much?

So I’m sitting at the counter wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Noah and I are the only ones up (it’s 6:45 am for goodness sake!). Noah comes over and starts looking all around my legs. He looks at me and says, “Where’s yo weenoh?” After I finish choking on my drink I tell him I don’t have one because I’m a girl. “You not have a weenoh?” “Nope, I don’t. Just boys like you and Dad have them.” “Oh,” he says while searching my legs again. “Where’s yo weenoh?” Seriously kid, I don’t have one, end of story!



  1. Asher asks me that sometimes too – then he proceeds to tell me he has a big one – boys must be born with that understanding of “bigger is better”!

  2. also all asher wants to watch is the three stooges – that must be a “y” chromosome thing too!

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