Posted by: mosblog | May 19, 2009

Finally back on the blog!

I’ve been gone for a while. No explanation.

I uploaded tons of new photos to my Picasa account. Here are links (the newer photos are at the end of each folder of photos):

Interesting photos of me that Noah took.

Very few photos of my trip to Spokane (airport pics are from Santa Rosa, and there are photos of some of the things we made there too).

Mom’s Birthday Tea at Gloria’s house

A few random family photos (including some from Easter).

Some new ones of Bella.

Some new ones of Noah.

Photos from our trip to Concord.

Carley all dressed up added to our pics of friends.

A couple new cakes I made  (one sucked it up big time…can’t believe I’m showing you all!)

And lastly, check out the shirt I made for Bella below! I bought the shirt from a yard sale for 25 cents and it had this dumb looking black square on it with a strange saying thing, so I made an owl and appliqued it on….thanks to Brooke and Spokane for the inspiration!



  1. super cute! love the craftiness…i’m inspired…but lazy! =)

  2. Leaving a comment!

    I love the owl. Love it. I wish I knew how to be crafty. I so don’t.

  3. I HAD to leave a post for fear of retribution…so here it is.

    I looked at your blog the other day and saw the whole chile peanuts recipe for the umpteenth time…PTL you finally have something on here other than that.

    tee is cute (what is it with you and birds?)…

    Thanks for blogging…please blog more. FB is OK–but not near as cool as this.

  4. Thanks for updating the blog. I almost gave up hope after seeing the chili peanuts recipe over and over again.

    Love the cakes, invitations and most of all the SKIRTS!! Good Job!

  5. Oh yeah. Thanks for sharing all the pictures too.

  6. Love the tee shirt and I agree with Amie…glad you are blogging again. OH…AND YEAH, TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT NOT LEAVING COMMENTS AND READING. 😉

  7. I recognize the owl–it’s my skirt! 🙂 I don’t have time to look at all the other pictures but I will. Now I need to update my blog. I had David edit pictures last Saturday but didn’t have the motivation to put them on that night. I will do it soon!

  8. I changed my mind and looked at all the pictures. Loved them! I need copies of some of them.

  9. it was so nice of you to take a picture with that homeless lady.

  10. PS..Carly picture is classic

  11. So glad to see you blogging again. I always love reading about you guys– feels like I get to know you a bit as a mom/wife/woman instead of just through 15 year old memories. Also wanted to let you know that I have been praying for your mom–
    take care,

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