Posted by: mosblog | June 2, 2009

Things I’ve been doing lately…

1. Breaking Tree Branches
2. Making Sun Hats and then throwing them away because they are butt ugly!
3. Updating people on my Mom’s status while in the hospital and such.
4. Getting ready for Bella’s birthday party (it’s a bird theme). If you didn’t get invited that’s because we had to keep it small this year (my fam, a few from Eric’s fam, and a couple girls from B’s class). I’ll post pictures though of the decos after it’s over. Fun times!
5. Calling EVERYONE on my “need to call today or the world will explode” list.
6. Playing ball with Noah. It’s been SO fun! I throw the ball at him (a fairly soft one, duh!), then he and I race to see who can grab it. He LOVES it and I find it quite humorous!
7. Wishing the house was clean and organized (but I wished in one hand and spit in the other one and guess which one filled up faster!).
8. Started reading through the Bible Chronologically again. I love it!
9. Filling in our summer calendar. It’s filling up FAST!
10. Counting down the days until summer break starts for B (it’s 10, in case you were wondering).
11. Decided not to threaten to harm my friends who don’t leave comments.
12. Bought paint to redo the kids’ bathroom so it won’t smell like pee all the time from Noah accidentally hitting the wall that can’t be washed…but I haven’t painted yet (which is why it smells like pee right now!). Yick.



  1. Okay, okay…I just want to make sure I’m not in any danger…so I’m leaving a comment. Thanks for the updates on your mom…continuing to pray and appreciate the latest news. Baby Boy K should be arriving in less than 4 weeks! Love you all~Katie

  2. #12 – Gross. You could always go with a temporary wallpaper option on the lower half or the wood-half-wall-trim-what’s-it-called? We had wallpaper in both bathrooms and it was pretty easy to clean up. We just peeled out the already gross pee-colored wallpaper upstairs and painted the bathroom… asparagus! I also repainted the vanity base and the trim and the back of the door a really light green, mostly white shade. We have the blue rugs in there with the white, blue and green striped shower curtain. It now matches the non-standard sized sink – cream colored with blue and gold swirls?!

  3. Thanks for blogging. I cleaned ALL DAY yesterday, YUCK!! Hope you have a nice day today too. I am counting down the days to summer also, almost here!!

  4. ARe you sure it was Noah who peed on the wall?

  5. Katie! I was going to write to you last night. I miss you!!! I want to come visit this summer. What’s Baby Boy’s name going to be? Are you telling?

    And Amie…actually, I know it was Noah, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t anyone else!!! (and I have another male culprit in mind, but it’s not Eric so don’t even try to guess)

  6. from experience : if little boys pee outside the bathroom stays clean clean clean……..

  7. Yay!! Come visit! I miss you too. We don’t know his name yet…Sophia’s suggestions have included “Princess”, “Psalty”, and “Tinkerbell”….so at least we have a “short list” 🙂 I got a sewing machine…we need to talk!

  8. I too made a sunhat which was the twin of your butt ugly one. I am determined to get this right. I’m blaming it on the sewing directions!
    Two suggestions for the pee: 1 ) have him sit down. It’s not manly but hey~~he’s not a man
    2) target practice with cheerios

  9. I am so proud that I was in California for #1, also sorry I was involved with the kids room smelling like pee. Do not make me apologize again please. I had too much to drink. Miss you guys bunches.

  10. Now, the comment above me, PRICELESS!
    Your in my prayers….And, I spent all day cleaning yesterday too WHOOO HOOO!!!

  11. i want one of your butt-ugly sun hats.

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