Posted by: mosblog | June 4, 2009

Things to do with the kids this summer…

I’ve been reading a few blogs that have great ideas for kids for the summer…mostly crafty things. Here are a few links. Not everything is a good idea on each web site, but you can choose for yourselves which ones you add to your faves.

Make & Takes : a cool web site with lots of ideas. Also has giveaways at times. (some of the web sites below are linked from Make & Takes)

Frugal Dad has a link to fun ideas for 2 weeks of summer that aren’t hard on the pocketbook!

GoodNCrazy has made a list for mostly older kids. When the kids say “What’s there to do?” Mom says, “Check out the list!”

Simple Mom made a list of 11 easy (and cheap) toys for summer

World of Julie has an idea jar, or camp jar as she calls it. A jar where you put ideas for summer, and then grab them out when you want.

Go Frugal Blog has ideas for an inexpensive summer.

Ziggity Zoom is a web site for kids activities. I haven’t totally checked it out yet though, so let me know what you think.

Also, Mt. Gilead (located over by Santa Rosa) has a Kidz Day Camp, a 1 day camp for 1st-3rd graders for $40. It’s from 9am – 7pm and it looks like they play games, do crafts, sing, have a worship time, etc. If I can find another kid to go with Bella, maybe I’ll send her, leave Noah with someone, and go hang out in Santa Rosa all day. Not sure yet though.

I also plan to do things for myself this summer. Things I wouldn’t normally do. Take more time to sit around outside with the kids, go on day trips nearby, or half trips. Set goals for myself (especially doing some of the things I let slack from my new years resolutions (which is many things!). Read more books. Go on a roadtrip with the kids. And go on an anniversary trip with Eric. Oh, and the kids will be finally taking swim lessons this year.

Do you have plans already for the summer? If so, what are they?



  1. Where are they taking swim lessons and who is the teacher?

  2. totally going to check out those websites…

    The kids and I are heading to Bill’s parent’s place in WA soon after school lets out. It is usually a great time for the children and a relaxing time for me.

    I plan on running in the mornings and I will invite the boys to go with me–whether they will want to get up or not is a different story. I also plan on dedicating a day or two each week with the boys at the basketball hoop. Jon so loved playing this last year and Tyler so wants to play next season that it seems ideal to try and get some more basics in with them both. It may of been a hundred years ago, but I still remember how to play b-ball!

    We always plan several days each week at the pool (we are lucky to have many friends with sweet pools who let us crash!)…

    We usually hit the library once or twice a week–especially on those REALLY hot days.

    We have a garden that will require daily work by all…

  3. oh yeah–another fun thing to do is take the kids to the Farmer’s market or go yard sale-ing and turn them loose with a couple of bucks.

  4. Hey wow! thanks for the link :).. I have started a summer boredom series this year as well… it’s gonna rock! to see the first two installments!

    This year’s titled: HELP! My kids are driving me crazy!

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