Posted by: mosblog | June 12, 2009

Just a little rambling…

So today marks the first day of Summer Vacay for Bella! While that makes me VERY happy, there is always the flip side to the coin (such as having to run errands with 2 kids now, instead of just 1). But, that’s okay. I’m happy summer vacay is here!

This morning I had visions of all of us sleeping in, or at least once the kids got up they could quietly come in and watch a little movie so I could sleep in. Instead, all I heard was whining from their room. “Mom, Noah’s getting up on my bed.” “No, I not.” “Yes he is!” “It’s okay if I get on yers bed, Bella!” Whine, yell, whine, yell. For the love!

Anyway, I’ve started working on my summer-fun jars. My goal is to implement summer fun on Monday. There will be 5 jars. Two of which we’ll pull from every day. One of those is a jar of Bible learning. It’ll have about 5 things in it (such as, read from Keys for Kids, read a Bible story from the book Step Through the Bible, etc). The other will have chores in it with two colors of paper, one for Noah’s chores (like picking up his cars), and one for Bella’s chores (like sweeping the kitchen).

Then we’ll pull from the other 3 jars whenever. There will be a jar of ideas for when the kids say “I’m bored.” It will have things like Play with Playdoh, or do fingerpaints outside. A jar will be for times we have all day to do something (like go to Fort Bragg, or go to Seeley Farms, buy food and then come home and cook together, etc). And next we’ll have a jar for fun things to do just the three of us for an hour or so in the morning (like play a board game, ride bikes downtown, etc).

Last night the 4 of us went down to Natural High to just hang out. The kids rode their bikes down there, and Eric and I walked. Eric brought a frisbee and we just threw it back and forth while the kids rode around. It was GREAT! I love that the kids are getting old enough to be a little self-sufficient. I don’t always like that, because it means letting go some, but it’s also kind of freeing for me and beautiful to see them mature and express themselves (all of this said only a few paragraphs after talking about them fighting and whining this morning!).



  1. Well, it’s 10:15 on vacay day #1. Guess I should take a shower and get dressed. Nah.

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