Posted by: mosblog | June 25, 2009

Jon & Kate + 8

I’d first like to say that I’ve watched VERY LITTLE of Jon & Kate + 8. In part because Kate drives me nutso! I might watch more if she acted crazy PART of the time…that would be understandable, but all of the time, really? Oy!

So because of the fact that they are fine with cameras in their homes quite a bit does anyone else think it’s possible that they are trying to drive ratings up by claiming they are filing for divorce, when in fact maybe they will try to work things out in the end? I’m not saying the affair was a hoax, but that how they are handling it is in part for tv. Just wondering what other people think.


  1. The woman has 8 kids, 8 KIDS… I’d be way more crazy than her if I had 8 kids!

  2. I thought it was a publicity stunt at first too. I don’t understand why they didn’t just cancel the show. That would’ve been the right thing to do.

  3. I think they should have quit the show a while ago when their family started falling apart – there are some things that are just more important than being on tv – like marriage. I am done watching that show b/c I don’t want to support it anymore. I feel sad for those kids – they need both parents!

  4. I am in with Kristin.
    And I thought that it might be a publicity stunt too.
    Crazy is one thing, being rude to your husband all the time is another. (although I must admit that watching the show showed me quite a bit of what I needed to change in my own life)

  5. I feel bad for the kids–whether its a publicity stunt or not.

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