Posted by: mosblog | June 26, 2009

Birth Control…

 This is not really a post for guys, but if any of you male readers feel you have some advice to give on women’s hormones and birth control options, read on.

I’m curious if anyone has anything to say about the birth control pill (BCP) called Yaz. My doc wants me to switch to it so as to supposedly even out my mood (which gets a little out of control for about 2-4 days before aunt flo comes into town). I know there are ups and downs to all BCPs, and I also know that some BCPs are basically like having mini-abortions, which I obviously don’t want. Also, I was on a low-dose BCP when I had my ectopic pregnancy and nearly internally bled to death because it errupted. My Doc is convinced the BCP wasn’t at fault, but I am convinced it was….and since I have so much more expertise than he has we’ll just go with what I say. (note the sarcasm) Anyway, I’m also aprehensive about taking Yaz because it’s a low-dose BCP.

What says you?



  1. I did find this article by Randy Alcorn. It opens a huge can of worms that I’m going to have to investigate further. I think I may regret writing the above blog BEFORE doing more research.

    • I have to say that I just scanned through the article and maybe missed the portion that addressed this, but if they are considering it abortion because a fertilized egg doesn’t attach due to the pill making the uterus a more “hostile environment” as the third back up, then what does that say about the couples who can’t conceive naturally and have invitro done where they fertilize several eggs at once and and only one of those several attach leaving the others to “miscarry”? Is that saying that those couples who desperately want their children were willingly allowing abortion of their other children (fertilized eggs) for that one child that was able to attach to the uterus therefore making the utilization of this invitro method something that shouldn’t be done? The same question stands not only for invitro but for insemination when the woman takes her hermones to produce several eggs at a time that sometimes will become fertilized, but won’t attach in the uterus. Weigh the arguments closely on this…Just a thought.

  2. I knew that some pills are abortive as opposed to preventative. However, I also heard that IUDs are the same. Stopping the fertilized eggs from settling into the uterine lining… requires some research, but I’d say having the goal of matching Jon & Kate + 8 (although not all at once) would solve all these issues.

  3. Yaz is not recommended for birth control. Have you seen the ads?

  4. retraction, retraction.

    Personal decision all around. Yes I have very strong opinions about this issue. Many of my Christian friends would probably disown me. That’s o.k. with me.

    Once again, personal decision.

  5. Why don’t you just have another baby NOW and that would solve everything…

  6. I agree with SaraS. Have another one! On my un-educated opinion I think that all birth control is dangerous. I am not saying do not use it, but I think we need to realize some of the ramifications. I have NEVER met anyone that has been on birth control for awhile to bounce right off and immediatley have a healthy pregnancy. Almost every woman that I know that was on birth control for an extended time, misscarried the 1+ pregnanacys. When you train your body to do something over and over it learns to do it on it’s own. This is why I think birth control is dangerous. With birth control we are telling our body don’t get pregnant, don’t have a baby which is the natural thing God designed our body too do.

    Not all IUD’s are the ones that abort, I say look into it but don’t have it too long. Me personally would never get another one. I think (same as you Mon) that the IUD sent me into early labor and the baby couldn’t survive.

    Jordan and I decided not to go back on birth control for now. We don’t want to get pregnant right now, BUT even more so we don’t want to deal with the hormones. Davies did give me the ring, but I didn’t even try it. We are being sort of half ass careful. (sorry).

    I would say if you guys are done 100% Eric gets snipped. If you want too have a baby down the road just use other precautions, if you get pregs you get pregs. God’s going to do it anyway!

    If I where you honestly, I would look into a diet/herbs/aromatherapy/excersice too do a few days before your period. It sounds crazy but you can adjust your hormones with all the really healthy stuff. I will try to find something for you.

    Loveya! May God give you wisdom!!!

  7. I am struggling with this decision right now too!!! I don’t want to go back on the pill b/c it caused me a lot of emotional reactions that I don’t care to deal with again, but I really don’t want to get pregnant again either. My Dr. recommends an IUD b/c it is 99% effective but I am scared of that too b/c it can cause miscarriages by not allowing a fertilized egg to implant in the uterine wall and cause a much heavier period. So now I am left wondering what to do – it is so hard to decide! I think Dave just needs to get snipped b/c I have enough to deal with in my life already 🙂

    (I also heard that YAZ is not suppose to be used as a birth control method anymore)

  8. Hey! Have you tried the Nuva Ring? That’s what my doc gave me because I get all weird on the pill and I forget to take it. It makes me sick and makes my mood swings worse. Basically It was just not working out. So my doc was talking about Nuva Ring. I researched it and didn’t find anything to wrong with it and so I decided to try it and I LOVE it omg I would recommend it to anyone. I can pretty much count on my period coming the same day almost the same time and it’s LITE. I can use 1 box of tampons for like almost 3 periods all the way through. I have NO weight gain, NO headaches, NO stomach aches NOTHING! I sooo love it. It’s the lowest dose out there but since it goes right where it needs it doesn’t travel through your blood stream ( from what I was told. ) When you get your prescription it comes with stickers to remind you when to put it in and when to take it out. You can take it out for up to 3 hours at a time. I’ve read about people who did end up getting pregnant ( it’s not 100% but then again nothing is lol ) and they and the baby were totally fine! I was thinking about doing the whole IUD thing but was scared because there have been instances when in a car crash it would puncture the uterus and the women wouldn’t be able to have children anymore. Anyway if you haven’t tried it before I would if possible! I’ve been on it for almost a year now and It is awesome!

  9. Really quick. There’s also like “natural family planning” which is really big in the catholic church and if I could remember to take my temperature every day I might do it lol. Just another suggestion!

  10. Katie– you bring up a very good question (or two), however I have to get my head straight just on the birth control side of things and won’t be taking a stance any time soon on what couples who can’t get preg do. Who am I to say anyway, you know?

    Madeleine– No thank you!!!

    Nancy– I have not seen the ads. Care to enlighten me?

    Sara and Jen– It’s not that we want to wait to have another one, we just don’t want to have anymore. Although I have asked God that if He doesn’t agree with us then could He maybe send the next one soon so there’s not a huge gap in our kids’ ages. 🙂

    Kristin– You should talk to Jenn Hall about the IUD. She had a pretty bad experience with it.

    Sarah– I looked into the Nuva Ring a long time ago and remember deciding I didn’t want to use it, but I can’t remember why. Hmmmm….

  11. Have you tried Depo Provera? I have no periods, no PMS, no nothing.

  12. There is “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” which is similar to the natural family planning. You can go to and get information and even download software that allows you to plug in your temperature and it tracks it all for you. It tells you which days you need to use contraceptive for and which days you don’t. This means you can use a barrier method (condoms, diaphragm etc.) but you don’t have to use them all the time. You can also go to and use an online version for a while. You need to read all the information to check that you fully understand exactly what you’re supposed to be doing… or not doing… and when you should or shouldn’t be… er… doing it…. if you get me.

  13. To follow up on Madeleine’s post – get the BOOK “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”, by Toni Weschler. Most recent edition is 2006. The public library probably has it or it’s readily available online or in most bookstores. (It’s a bestseller). It is a great book for ALL WOMEN (including moms, postmenopausal women, or virgins) because it actually explains women’s cycles and fertility beyond just periods. I learned so much! The book also has indepth information about the “fertility awareness method,” which can be used to prevent pregnancy OR optimize potential to become pregnant. I think the book is nearly 500 pages long, but it’s an “easy” and intriguing read.

    This book was recommended to me by one of my Harvard friends (now an MD) who used the fertility awareness method successfully for 5 years’ birth control and then used it to get pregnant as soon as she and her husband were ready (i.e., after medical school)! I and several of my other friends have also been successful in avoiding or seeking pregnancy using this method (by observing and charting numerous fertility signs, and using a barrier during fertile times of the cycle). If you’re already on BCP I have heard it can be tricky to make the switch. You might have to be a little extra conservative using barriers more often, unless you think your family doesn’t have enough people in it yet!

    As far as mood swings go, with fertility awareness you and Eric are going to be a lot more aware of the changes in your body and emotions throughout the cycle, which may help you to manage better. Personally, I’d rather be a little moody than suppress my fertility with risky drugs.

    Another fertility awareness workbook, called “Honoring Our Cycles” (most recent edition 2006), also has some good information about health and nutrition as related to women’s cycles–I think it might have some more natural remedies for mood swings– you know, drinking herbal tea kind of remedies.

    Wishing you all the best, and God’s grace and peace in this decision!

  14. What’s wrong with a vasectomy? It’s an in and out procedure- you don’t ever have to use any kind of birth control and everyone is still functioning completely normal w/o messing up hormones or anything else. And if you happen to change your mind later, it can be reversed. Skye had his 6 years ago and it has been SO wonderful. Spontanity is a big plus too….

  15. I have heard of people who have still had children even after the husband’s vasectomy!! Chances are very very slim but it has happened, would you believe!! I say abstinence, Mon. I’m sure Eric wont mind!!

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