Posted by: mosblog | July 1, 2009

Swim Lessons for Bella

Bella and Noah started swim lessons two days ago. Noah is almost too young and I’ll be getting with him each day from now on to help him. Bella on the otherhand is rocking the lessons!

She started out with barely putting her face in the water, refusing to jump in like the other kids, and not swimming at all. That was yesterday. Both yesterday and today Eric and I practiced with her, concentrating on things she had learned. She is now going completely under, trying to dive down to the bottom to retrieve stuff. She’s also jumping in off the side (in the areas she can touch) and never once has she plugged her nose. She still sputters a bit, but she’s not afraid anymore. It’s been GREAT! She can’t swim above the water yet, mainly because she doesn’t have the stroke motion down, but she’ll be there long before the end of the 8 lessons! We’re really proud of her!



  1. Who is this child? Little Mermaid with blonde hair?? I am sooo jealous.

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