Posted by: mosblog | July 16, 2009

Door to Door Salesman of Sorts

So this surfer looking guy comes to the door all happy and friendly (which he maintained all the way to the end of the convo, I might add!). He says he just talked to Ann down the road (whoever that is!!!). He’s here for a race in the area of about 80 people…although he wouldn’t say what kind of a race! Then he tells me he likes my nose ring. Ugh. And says he’s trying to get points to go on a trip to the Virgin Islands. He asks if I’ve ever been, to which I say no. He then asks if I want to go and tells me it’ll be really fun. I really need to get my wedding ring resized so I can act a little more offended at times like these.

Anyway, he hands me a paper and says he has 19,000 points and was hoping I could help him out. On the paper is a bunch of names of magazines with point totals next to them. I keep trying to hand the paper back to him, which of course he ignores and won’t take. He says I can take on another year to my current magazines to help him get points. I told him, 4 times, flat out that I didn’t want to get anymore magazines. Apparently the race he won’t talk about is just to see who gets the most magazine points!

Anyway, finally he could see that I was thinking about throwing his paper on the ground and slamming and locking the door so he took it and, walking away, says “Don’t your kids sell things like candy and stuff?” I lied and said they are too young. He said in a lazy, happy, surf bum sort of way, “Well hopefully when they are older and do sell stuff other Mom’s will be willing to buy stuff from them.”  Bite me! My kids are going to get REAL jobs!



  1. Do not, I repeat DO NOT answer your door unless I am knocking on it! You need my Bella to keep the weirdos away.

  2. hey some guy was trying to sell me the same thing yesterday while I was walking home from the park! I was hot, tired, and had to grumpy kids and he wouldn’t stop following me. The only difference was he wanted to go to Cancun and then asked me if I would be his dance partner. Yuck! Finally I got so annoyed that he wouldn’t take a hint I asked him, “Does it look like I have time to read magazines?” he gave me a weird look and then I said “GO AWAY!” I am not usually that blunt but he was so irritating! I feel your pain! I can’t stand fake, nice salesmen!

  3. It must be the season for that sort of stuff. Just a day before Abigail was born, this guy came to the door with the same spiel. Only instead of telling me anything about the Virgin Islands or Cancun or anything, he told me he was earning a bonus with his company that he was putting towards college classes – which would help him get a future and the opportunities he’d been dreaming of… He was kinda young and I guess he was going for that “poor kid surmounting difficult odds” angle…

  4. Rudeness! You know what I would have said though…

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