Posted by: mosblog | August 28, 2009

Good Luck!

Last year sometime Bella started saying “Good Luck” to Eric and I whenever we left. Eric would walk out the door to work and Bella would call out “Bye Dad! Good luck!” Um, okay. Thanks?

Fast forward to a few days ago when Bella was practicing cartwheels. It’s not pretty. She has my athletic ability. But, she has Eric’s determination, so she kept on. After a while though she came to me and was totally exasperated. “Mom,” she says, “I keep doing ‘good luck’ and I still can’t do the cartwheels!” Having no idea what “doing good luck” means I asked her to show me what she meant. As she threw her hands down and her feet up she did it with her fingers crossed and her legs crossed! No wonder she can’t do a cartwheel!!! Somewhere along the way she got it in her head that if you cross your fingers (and legs too for extra measure?) that gives you good luck and you’ll be able to do things.

After that we had a conversation about what crossing your fingers means, what good luck is and how much those two things actually help people. Needless to say, she’s back to practicing cartwheels the easier way (or so I would imagine…I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel…even after a magic 8 ball said I would be able to do it!).


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