Posted by: mosblog | September 3, 2009

My Latest Creation

I hate this picture, but at the request of a friend I’m putting it up. This top is my latest creation. I took two t-shirts I had and never wore and turned them in to this. The brown shirt I basically just cut up the middle and cut the bottom few inches off. The black shirt I used to line the middle section, and make the sleeves which I put some decorative ribbing on. And then I added the button and buttonhole.

I got the idea here, from Craftstylish and then changed it to how I wanted to do it (which means no knitting or crocheting).




  1. I guess I could have ironed it before taking the picture! :o)

  2. Thanks SOOO much for posting this pic for me. Kristi was trying to describe it but I had to get a visual. You are amazing!

  3. That is so awesome!! What a great idea.

  4. You are my hero…..

  5. Sometimes I think about that old Episcopalian Thrift store and smile…probably lots of gems waiting there to be re-worked into wearable art:-) …did I mention you’re my hero??

  6. You are amazing. How do you do it?

  7. Brooke- I take other people’s ideas, change them into my own, make a few short cuts and come up with something a little less than what I would have liked to have made. :o)

    Katie- I haven’t been in that Thrift Store in forever, but I’m really all about upcycling right now, so maybe I should head back in there!

  8. I want one!

  9. you are amazing! that is super cute and I like your way better than the example too.

  10. *yours……oops

  11. I love that shirt!!! You did a great job and you are a sexy model to boot 🙂

  12. I always tell people how brilliant you are. Now I have proof!

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