Posted by: mosblog | September 5, 2009

Bella’s Crush

Last night Bella and Noah met Fire Chief Ken Wells at the fair. Today we drove by the fire department and started talking about the Chief when Bella mentioned that if she were older and he wasn’t married she’d want to marry him. Curious, I asked her why. She said that she likes his name (Ken) and he has a nice voice and he looks good. Trying not to giggle about my daughter having a crush on a man who could be her grandpa I asked her what it was about him that looks so good (it’s not like he was in uniform! :o)  ). She said “I like his moustache and his face looks good. If I was older and he wasn’t married I’d marry him.” So there you have it!

Here’s Fire Chief Ken Wells. Ladies, keep in mind that he’s married. And if he weren’t, an older version of Bella would have dibs. (I’m actually proud of her. He’s a very nice man, and he’s a fireman. Good girl!)


  1. P.S. Maybe don’t mention to Bella that you know!

  2. The day will come soon enough that there will be a real crush – and the crush will have feelings back! Never thought it would happen either but both my girls have now other “boys” in their life beside their daddy!!

  3. Even though you told me this story it was cute to read it again. 🙂
    Are you sure that is not Gavin Wells in the picture? Holy cow, you weren’t kidding when you said they look alike.

  4. She has good taste! Fireman w/ moustaches have also been my thing. 🙂

  5. We LOVE Ken! Phil worked on his shift. He IS a very good man. 🙂

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