Posted by: mosblog | September 7, 2009

Lunch Ideas?

I’m going to start making Bella’s school lunch every day and Eric regular lunches as well. Anyone have any great ideas so I don’t get stuck in a rut before I even start? I am terrible at coming up with lunches. Please keep in mind that Bella won’t have a fridge or microwave to put her stuff in.



  1. My favorite lunch for when I work is a rice salad thing. I cook up the rice the night before and then in the morning I mix it with salad veggies – if you want some protein you can add ham or boiled egg (or though I’d worry about that not being kept in a fridge) – and pour on a vinaigrette. You can also do the same thing with couscous. Or sometimes I make a risotto and then have it cold the next day.
    I have a book called “how to feed your whole family a healthy, balanced diet with very little money…” it’s an English publication but it’s really good. It talks about varying sandwich fillings and bread. You can also prepare salad fillings (eg. tuna & mustard with cucumber cubes and tomatoes) in Tupperware and give them crackers. You can keep stuff cold with a carton of juice that you take out of the freezer each morning. Other examples are cold chicken drumsticks or homemade chicken nuggets (make a big batch and freeze) with coleslaw. Sausage rolls and potato salad, hummus or guacamole with carrot sticks and tortilla chips, pasta salads. You can also buy a Thermos flask that will keep a hearty soup warm in the winter months…. oh dear I’ve rambled a bit… but a lot of it is from the book… or you can do what Todd does which is have the same sandwich everyday!

  2. Get a small thermos for warmed up leftovers from dinner the night before, or mac & cheese, etc. Timmy loves that. THe food stays warm for like 5 hours.

  3. Five kids (and one husband) later…Only pack what you know they like or will eat. You can make up for missing nutrition during the other meals of the day they are with you. No, I’m not saying pack fritos, twinkies and soda!

    What I am saying is, maybe fruit yogurt, string cheese, peanut butter and crackers, turkey sandwich etc.

    There are dozens of ways to keep things cool and fresh (but then you know that, you are brilliant).

  4. Oh wait! I forgot…the school has a microwave available for heating up corn dogs, burritos, soup etc. One of my favorite tasks was helping the littles warm up their food for lunch. As LaVonda if it is still available for use 🙂

  5. Amanda use to be very picky and did not like sandwiches. At Deep Valley Christian they actually looked at the lunches sent and would comment if there was no sandwich. So, for a while in first grade, Amanda would take flour tortillas with peanut butter in them. They can be rolled up or cut into wedges. We have also done crackers, cheese, and lunch meat, or ritz crackers sandwiched over a peanut butter and honey mixture.

  6. some favs at the VDW’s…

    flour tortilla roll-ups (Ty likes plain shredded cheese or refried beans and cheese–Jon likes cheese and black olives or turkey and lettuce with a little mayo and mustard. or another good one is pizza/spagetti sauce with mozzarella) sometimes I cut these up so they are like appetizers…

    wheat thins or goldfish crackers with peanut butter for dipping…

    chips and salsa…I would serve this with chunked up cheese or string cheese…

    For a while Jon wanted pb&j everyday–that is fine with me!

    for a treat I sometimes put in a corn dog–they can heat this stuff up in the microwave in the office.

    I also always try to pack fruit–grapes, bananas, cut up oranges, etc.) Jon likes cucumbers or celery and carrots with dip…

    You can buy those little freezable inserts for her lunch box to keep stuff cold…or you can freeze a juice box to put in with her stuff–should be thawed by lunchtime…

    I’m with Nancy as far as packing what they like (within reason!)…make sure she has a good breakfast and don’t worry too much about lunch.

  7. I put a frozen juice in Cooper’s lunch last year. It was still frozen at lunch. He said “Mommy, please don’t freeze my drink I was thirsty all day”. I guess he couldn’t drink from the water foundtain. 🙂

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