Posted by: mosblog | October 15, 2009

An anatomy lesson of sorts

Tonight Noah (3), Addy (5) and Paige (2) all bathed together. Noah was the last one to get in and Paige couldn’t help but notice that something was different about him. She looked up at Brooke and said “Mommy, Noah has a tail!” Steve, Brooke and I all nearly died of laughter (in fact, I’m laughing out loud again right now!). Hilarious!!!!

A few minutes later Addy set Paige straight. “It’s not a tail, it’s a wiener.”  With Paige responding, “Oh, I don’t have a wiener. I have a booty. A twizzle.” Noah wondered where her booty was and she proceeded to point in the direction.

Okay small children…enough anatomy lessons for the night! After they got all of that out in the open there was no more discussion. Oy!



  1. nice.

  2. Ha!

  3. Too funny! Some parents let their kids go naked at the beach… then they get upset when Lilla is bending over to stare at the strange thing between the boy’s legs. One woman got quite cross telling me she was staring… uh… then cover up your boy’s wiener!

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