Posted by: mosblog | October 27, 2009

Too soon to joke about H1N1?

I thought a funny costume for the Fall Festival (church’s alternative to Halloween) would be to have my kids wearing comfy clothes and a hospital mask and a sign on the front and back of them that says “Please stay back, I have swine flu.” But then I remembered they said no scary costumes.

Instead maybe we’ll decorate our house for the first time ever for Halloween night with a big sign on the front door that says “Sorry, no candy here! We all have Swine Flu.” I wonder how many people would knock.



  1. HA! Awesome.

  2. it’s brilliant.

  3. i know someone who is dressing up as the swine flu virus and is bringing a friend dressed like a pig….maybe you could dress them as that!!

  4. I figured out the problem with dressing up as though you have swine flu. When you get sick two days later the people you were around when you were kidding aren’t too happy! But then again, so many people were grossed out by my looking like I was sick that no one came near me! Oy!

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