Posted by: mosblog | November 16, 2009

Christmas Gifts Need to be Made!

So I am realizing that if I really want to sew some Christmas gifts I need to make a weekly day set aside just for that…or it’ll never happen. I’m thinking Fridays. We’ll see though.

Any suggestions on how to get to your sewing projects or other hobbies? And what are some of your projects?



  1. I’m making ALL Christmas gifts for friends and my family this year – but they’re all REALLY simple projects that I have completed in an hour. I think I’ve made them all and I’m now working on January birthdays. I have only started sewing in the last couple of months and I LOVE the feeling of accomplishing a finite task. Instead of how I feel about washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning the house and all those other tasks that seem to need to be done again as soon as they’re done! Can’t wait to hear what projects you’re planning!

  2. When Jeffrey was in preschool, a mom opened her home every Friday morning as craft/social Friday. We would all bring various projects. One mom finished her first quilt and I scrapbooked. Our younger kids played and we got a lot done.

  3. Hmmm, you know that I like Sandi’s idea!!! 🙂

  4. me too! hmmm….I am thinking we should try that!

  5. Can I come?

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