Posted by: mosblog | December 17, 2009

Taking candy from a baby

Noah had his first Dental Appointment yesterday. He was nervous at first, but then settled right in (maybe it was the movie they played about 18″ from his face?). The good news: His teeth look great and they are huge for baby teeth (let’s be real….he’d look funny with that large head and little teeth!).

And here’s the bad news: He has to quit sucking his THUMB!!! Dr. Huffman said that not only are his top teeth coming forward (which is fixable), but he’s resting his hand on his face which is pushing his lower teeth back. And that’s the major problem. You can’t really bring them forward later in life.

  I feel bad because Noah is only 3. He only sucks his thumb when he’s going to go to sleep at night or at nap time, or to console himself when he’s really sad. It’s his comfort. Would I take his blankie away from him? NO! But I have to take his thumb away from him. Oy!

There are basically three options. One is to make it taste so gross he won’t put it in his mouth. Things like hot sauce, or the stuff at the drug store that paints on but is non-toxic. The second option would be to somehow attach his thumb to the rest of his hand in a way that he can’t remove it, or I’ve also heard you can get thumb guards. And the last option would be to put a mouth rake in. The dentist attaches it to the back teeth and there are four prongs that basically poke his thumb anytime he puts it in his mouth. Sounds like a concentration camp move to me so we’re hoping not to have to go there.

Last night I told Noah that he’d have to quit sucking his thumb soon. He got really worried and said “But I tant pull with TWO hands!” I didn’t even think about that! Here’s what he means…whenever he sucks his thumb his other hand is pinching off or pulling the soft parts of his flannel blanket over and over again (see photo!). Apparently he doesn’t want to have to do that with both hands. Poor guy!

He doesn’t know it, and won’t ever realize the gift, but one of his Christmas presents is going to be that we won’t work on breaking his habit until after Christmas. Suck that thumb, little guy. And enjoy it.

(I think I’m going to cry.)



  1. He is just a baby! He needs that thumb! 😦 He doesn’t suck it very often, I mean I have taught preschoolers who are sucking it the whole time, he doesn’t do that. Oh, now I am about to cry!

    • He needs a Thumb Cone. Kind of like a dog cone around his thumb. Mom promised me she would give me optimus prime so I stoped and I still have not seen it. Bummer!

  2. Yikes! Lilla sucks her thumb, when she turned two we got it down to just naps, night and likewise when she needs some comfort. I’d hate to have to do a moratorium on it all together. That seems so mean! Might have to happen if she has a similar appointment when she’s 3. At least I can come to you for ideas though!

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