Posted by: mosblog | December 31, 2009

Night #1 of Noah’s Thumb

We were going to wait to start Noah on his No More Thumb Sucking journey until Sunday night, but some things changed, so here we go! Noah got a dinosaur light set from Uncle Dave and Auntie Em for Christmas and he wanted them to be put up tonight. As I was putting them up around his bed (the bottom of the bunk beds) I thought about how they would be a great way to kick off the “Big Boys Don’t Suck Their Thumbs” part of his life.

So, tonight there he lays, cool dino lights all around his bed with a sock neatly taped onto his hand using the black electrical tape that he received as an impromptu Christmas present from a PG&E guy. This is really a lame attempt by me to get him to quit sucking that thumb. I’m giving him MORE light, and cool things to look at, plus a day of lounging around so he’s not that tired, and add to that the fact that he has another thumb to suck….

We’ll see what happens. I’ll get real serious about it on Sunday night. Continue to check this blog to find out what happens next. I’ll probably post pictures at some point too.



  1. The night didn’t go well. Poor guy was having a rough time. The next morning he still had the sock on his hand and said he sucked his other thumb. Oy.

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