Posted by: mosblog | January 5, 2010

Nap #1 of Noah’s Thumb

I laid Noah down for his nap today. It was way later than usual so he was beat. He cried when I taped the things on his hands. I feel like I’m torturing him. Anyway, he fell asleep pretty quickly, but then as he usually does, he woke up during the nap but this time couldn’t fall back to sleep. I heard him crying, but it was muffled, like a mitten covered hand was in his mouth. I’d cry too! He never fell asleep again. Just cried for a long time. Now he’s just laying in bed reading. He’s going to be one tired boy for a while until we get this thing under control.



  1. Reading these posts are pure torture for me. Maybe you need to send him to Dr. Huffmans for the month while he is adjusting to life without thumbs.

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