Posted by: mosblog | January 14, 2010

The Angels Rejoice!

This morning the ABSOLUTE BEST THING that could ever happen to me happened. Really. The VERY best!!!! Nothing will ever top it!

I was reading my Bible and praying at 6:15 in the morning. My heart was heavy thinking about the earthquake in Haiti and the reminder Uncle Glenn gave at Awana about earthquakes happening in random places as we get closer to the end times. I prayed that God would give me boldness to share the gospel more and that my kids would walk daily with Him, and of course that Noah would ask Jesus into his heart at a young age. And in walks Noah. He sat down and we cuddled a bit. Then we started talking about God, Jesus, satan, and other things of eternal consequence (all things we’ve talked about before). One thing led to another and we started talking about how if Noah asks Jesus into his heart he gets to be with Jesus someday. We’ve also talked about this in the past but he was never interested before. This time he said he wanted to have Jesus in his heart. To be sure I kept talking about it a bit longer and he said again that he wanted to pray. When I told him how to pray (confess your sin, ask for forgiveness, invite Jesus to come into your heart) he said “Dat’s too much stuff to wemember to say!” So I told him if he wanted he could repeat after me. To which he enthusiastically said “OKAY!” And we prayed.

And then I bawled my eyes out with joy.

It was amazing to give birth to our two kids. And it was an unexplainable peace and joy that overflowed in my heart when Bella asked Jesus into her heart a couple years ago. And now it’s even MORE of a peace and joy in my heart knowing that all 4 of us will one day be in heaven worshipping God together. I seriously could die right now at peace and with full joy knowing that! Today has been a glorious day!!!!



  1. awesome! just awesome!

  2. so wonderful. completely. wonder. full. Rejoicing with you all!

  3. This was the most wonderful news. I, too, was feeling such a burden for the people of Haiti, and to hear Noah’s little voice this morning was great. How exciting that we will all be together FOREVER!!! Thank You Lord!!
    And a note about the thumbsucking….when we decided it was time to make Lori quit sucking her fingers (she was 6 I think) it was terrible. I felt awful but knew we needed to do it. We tried everything. Gloves taped on, nasty stuff painted on, etc. And what finally worked for the clothes horse?? I promised her any outfit she wanted. At age 6, that was a biggie already. So it worked. I doubt that will help Noah, however. But maybe another bribe??

  4. We have tears of JOY

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