Posted by: mosblog | February 25, 2010

Leg 1 of our trip

Tuesday night we left for our Northern travels. We drove all the way to Redding! It took a solid 3 hours as we stopped to get a bite to eat (fast food in the new car, wee!) and there was a lot of fog in Lake County and drizzly rain to pouring rain throughout the whole trip.

Wednesday we decided to leave Aunt Teen and Uncle Butch’s house at 6am. 5:55am I went out to load a couple things in the car only to find that the car battery was dead. Some moron left the lights on inside the vehicle! (you can probably guess who when you realize my kids couldn’t do it and I would never call my husband a moron) So, after Uncle Butch and Eric figured out how to charge the battery without the ALARM going off we finally left at 6:45. (Sorry to all Hilltop residents for THAT wakeup call!)

The drive from Redding to Spokane wasn’t too bad. I mostly drove. There was everything from fog to rain, to clear sunny skies, to the only yucky part of the drive which was 2 hours of driving 35 miles per hour south of Bend because there was tons of snow all over the road. Ergh!

We arrived about 12 hours later. Noah mildly freaked out twice because he was sick of sitting in the car but the only way we made it so easily was because Aunt Krishelle packed two boxes of fun snacks and toys for the kids! She’s my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids played for an hour or so when we got home, then went to bed. Bella and Addy are getting along really well. Paige and Noah are too but Noah thinks he’s one of the big kids and should hang out with B & A and gets annoyed when they run off to hide from him. Grandma Jo will be here tomorrow so everyone should be sufficiently entertained at all times then.



  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I am happy for you!

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