Posted by: mosblog | February 26, 2010

Whoa! Summer is on it’s way…

Anyone want to pitch in to get me a new swimsuit? It would behoove you as I would give any of your swim parties plenty of conversation! I really do like, Neigh, love the one I have, but this one is, hands down the Clydesdale of swimwear! Don’t you agree?



  1. Wow, you outdid yourself this time!

  2. You know how everytime you go on a trip you bring me back something special??? All I have to say is you shouldn’t have……:)

  3. I just saw the price!!!! Can you really afford that?

  4. wow! that’s weird that you and I have the same suit…hope we don’t end up at any of the same summer swim parties, so very awkward!

  5. oh, for the love.

  6. Please tell me you all noticed the many references to horses!

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