Posted by: mosblog | March 8, 2010


Eric and I decided to try spending no money for 1 month. We’re calling it frügalspring! That’s our made-up German word (“Schlange” is German for “snake”) meaning “we’re crazy and not spending any money for one month which happens to be in the middle of spring.” Note: We will still pay our mortgage, Bella’s tuition, and regular bills and tithe.

Eric got inspired by an article in the Reader’s Digest a while ago. That, in combination with looking at our expenses and such using (highly recommend!) we decided we need a money management overhaul!

We don’t have EVERYTHING planned out just yet. It’ll start on the 15th of March (or maybe sooner).

Some of our current ideas….we’ll be turning the heater to 60* or off all day and night; using candles a lot (which makes me realize that the kitchen light is currently on and we haven’t been in there for at least an hour, oh brother!); walking a lot more instead of driving; going grocery shopping before the 15th (and not again for 30 days!) and probably inviting ourselves over to your house towards the middle of April because I didn’t plan well; planning ahead with parties and such; not eating out on Sundays anymore (sad!); borrowing stuff; cancelling our Netflix (yikes!!!), etc.

Eric and I are also going to be taking one day of each week to work TOGETHER at making 7 portions of a particular dinner, eating one portion and freezing the other 6 so we have 6 meals each week being added to the freezer. Because we won’t be eating out at all I’ll be in the kitchen more and I’m not good at that so this is a way to keep me from being overwhelmed with the food stuff.

I’ll try to blog about frügalspring as we get closer to the start date and also as we execute this.

I read about this web site called Thrifty Fun but haven’t checked it out so I’ll be doing that before we start as well.

Any recommendations?



  1. I like adventures…especially money-saving ones! Three cheers for frugalspring!

  2. Very exciting…I’d like to try something similar, but have to wait till mid April since we’re going on a road trip at the beginning of April…let me know how it goes!

  3. This is coming from someone who goes grocery shopping once or twice a month.
    You most likely will have to go to the store one other time if you want to eat healthy. I always do major grocery shopping then have to go back to get milk and usually fruit a couple of weeks later. Those two things we go through faster and/or the milk expires before the month is out.
    If you have figured out a different way to do this then let me know. I have been doing this for over a year now and don’t know how to get around the fresh milk and fruit part. 🙂
    I do have a box of powdered milk that sometimes I will add to the regular milk to extend it.

  4. Emily, we’re going to freeze the milk so it lasts all month…although I don’t know what the difference would be between buying it before the month starts and buying it two weeks later. As for the fruits and veggies….we’re eating fresh ones until they run out and then canned or frozen the rest of the month. I hope I calculated correctly!

    In the future I’ll probably do what you do. Once major trip with one minor trip a couple weeks later. That’ll still save me a lot of money!

  5. Oh, and lastly, we’re also not buying a TON of food because I’m hoping to use much of what’s in the pantry and freezer. Mmmmm! Frozen Peas! What every possessed me to buy those????

  6. This is both CRAZY and COOL… I might be inspired…. *might* I said…

  7. What a great idea! We ate out of our pantry for a month without going to the store for a major trip (minors of milk and eggs though). You can do it! I would say to use Almond Milk or soy milk in the box which can be kept in your pantry until you are ready to use instead of freezing milk. I think the milk proteins breakdown when you freeze them and makes the milk unpleasant to use. Can’t wait to here adventures in food at your house…

  8. Hi Monica, I think that this is a great idea. Skye and I have already been working our way through a list of things that we have been wanting to accomplish.. We cancelled cable, got our internet and phone in one package, keep the heat off or down and wear sweatshirts. I make our own jam, bread, tortillas, and I want to do pasta but haven’t gotten there yet. In the spring/summer/fall I trade for fruits and veggies and the local farmers market. I usually have knitted things or handmade jewelry– I don’t buy any of the supplies to make things, just using up my stash. I have also been making gifts throughout the year and storing them. The kids have a lot of fun picking from the handcraft treasure box. We made all of our christmas presents– it was awesome. There are so many ways to cut spending. There are quite a few things that I still want to do. This is all just the beginning. Good luck!!

  9. I’m excited to see future posts on this – I assume AFTER it’s over, because wouldn’t being online count as spending extra money?

    The only other thought I had is that I laughed when I read that where you are, March is the middle of spring. The snow here just began melting today. We’re hoping it might hit 50 some day soon. 🙂

  10. So we’re going to switch one thing around. I can buy milk throughout the month. It’s not like I’m going to buy more than I need and just go all out crazy on the milk or something. :o) That way it’s fresh and good.

    And Britt–As for being online….we have to have internet at our house since it’s Eric’s job. Otherwise, he’d have to go to the office at possibly strange hours to fix things, etc. So, we’re keeping it (yay!). It’s pretty cheap anyway and combined with our phone bill for a better deal. Oh, and if it makes you feel any better it did snow here a little last night and was 35* this morning when we got up. It’s not super warm yet, although the daffodils and paperwhites are blooming already. :o)

  11. this might help. i read somewhere that you can freeze eggs if you scramble them (don’t cook or anything) and put them in ziplock baggies. Haven’t tried it but it sounds interesting.

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