Posted by: mosblog | March 15, 2010

frügalspring starts tomorrow…

I’m getting nervous. I am terrible at getting the right amounts of food. I either get way too much or way too little. So by the end of the month we’ll be eating chips, eggs and whole wheat flour. Yum!

I’m also thinking this is all going to make me very grumpy. You all may want to stay away until about April 18th (around the time our house will be stocked again with fruits and veggies again).

I need to go get a couple more things from the grocery store (foil, cumin and bananas (weird combo, I know)), and I’m planning to take a long hot shower tonight and will sit in front of the full-blast heater until midnight. So there!



  1. are you not planning on buying any fresh fruit…
    I’m worried you might get scurvy? so if you get too cranky it might be scurvy and then you will need to spend lots of money to fix that…and I think it requires an ocean burial…so you will have to end frugalspring and that’s okay, because scurvy is scary!

  2. Well maybe that is my problem!!!!! I mean I hardly ever go to the grocery store and I’m always grouchy but I never put the two together. 🙂

  3. I think both of you ladies are onto something big.

  4. But would it make me a pirate? Because then that’d be cool. Dying as a pirate, I mean.

  5. no I don’t think you’d be a pirate, because pirates search for treasure and spend it all once they’ve found it…they spend money like crazy (on booze and wenches) and would NEVER be crazy enough to do something like frugalspring…
    but maybe they did start out trying to do frugalspring and then the scurvy got to them and they started looting and their legs started falling off and what-not!

  6. Yikes!!! You are brave! You can probably write down everything that happens during frugalspring and end up with a best-selling book!
    p.s. you can come up here to the Ville if you get too cold or hungry. We have heat and food.


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