Posted by: mosblog | March 19, 2010

5th day of frügalspring

So here we are on day #5 of frügalspring. It’s been okay so far. I did have to go buy milk once already but we planned for that, so it’s okay.

A couple things that would make frügalspring easier….
*NOT getting ads from Gap and modcloth and fabric stores in my inbox.
*NOT getting ads in the mail for JCPenney, Kohls, KMart, fast food places and such (yes, even those places are tempting when you’re not buying anything). KMart does have flowers I could be planting right now! :o)
*NOT having my 5 dozen eggs in the fridge freeze. ACK! I think the poor fridge is freaking out because it is so stinking full!!!
*NOT having ladies week during the middle of frügalspring. It’s when I’m down and out that I want to shop.

Things that have been different…
*Eric and I cooked together on Saturday and will again this Saturday. We made a huge batch of Enchilada Stacks for the freezer and some Chimichangas as well. This Saturday we’re making a huge batch of BurritMos for the cooking club freezer meal swap. I really enjoyed spending one on one time with Eric.
*I’ve been cooking WAY more. I have to make something for all 4 of us for every single meal. I’m sure many of you are thinking “Duh! That’s what the rest of us do in our normal lives!” But I don’t so this has been interesting.
*I have to constantly keep track of where I’m at with making various foods. What’s partially defrosted, what needs to start defrosting, what needs to be made and go into the freezer, etc. I need a system.
*I’ve been more productive around the house as there’s no where to drive to. That’s a good thing but I get way more tired on certain days from going and going and going.
*I actually want to hang clothes out on the line so I’m not running the dryer for 5-6 hours a week. My amazing sister, Emily knew I wanted to do this but didn’t have the stuff for it and she went and bought me a clothesline rope and the clothespins. She rules! Now I wonder if she’ll buy me that cute dress I really want on modcloth! :o)
*I walked to Bella’s school once this week. It’s about a mile away. Noah went too. Bella loved walking home. Noah was carried on my shoulders for nearly the entire second half of the 2 miles. Oy! I don’t think we’ll be doing this too much….or I’ll take the umbrella stroller next time. I already run 4 times a week, I don’t need to pack a 35 lb kid on my shoulders for a mile too.

Guess that’s about it for now. In another couple weeks we’ll see where we’re at with food stuff and if I’ve gone insane yet. :o)



  1. You pretty much described my life! 🙂 Except with David instead of Eric.

    If i had money I would buy you that dress.

  2. Cooking together was fun! I think it was the feeling of sleek efficiency that made it fun for me. Well, that and making food with my hot wife.

    It’s funny…life definitely changes when you’re not spending money. It’s very interesting…

  3. Maybe with the money you save you can buy tickets to Hawaii and come and visit us?!

  4. hey it’s the 5th of April, only 10 days left of a full month of Frugalspring— how is it going?

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