Posted by: mosblog | March 24, 2010

9th day of frügalspring

Since my last update four days ago we’ve spent $27.55. Here’s why….

On Saturday Eric and the kids were hanging out down at the park watching the Bassmaster’s Tournament Weigh-In. The kids saw two bounce houses and really wanted to jump. Eric said no because he wasn’t spending money on that but they kept asking. So, he checked it out a little more and no one was taking money, there weren’t any signs or anything so he changed his mind assuming it was free. The kids got their shoes off and started getting on the first one when a lady sitting off to the side was eyeing him suspiciously. He asked if it cost money to play on them and she said it was $2 for 5 slides down the bounce house slide, or 5 minutes in the bounce house. Ugh. It was either pay $2 or make a huge scene and take the kids back off the bounce house (this story is making my kids sound like brats). So, he said they could split the 5 slides between the two of them. Noah wanted to play on the OTHER bounce house and not slide but Eric wasn’t going to pay another $2 so he said no and just had him come down. The lady must have felt bad for Noah because she said he could play in the bounce house for free while Bella slid on the first one. So in a way, Eric saved $2.

$16.75 was spent on birth control pills. We justified this by the obvious fact that buying (and taking) them would save us about $250,000 over the next 18 years. No brainer there!

And the other $10.80 was spent at the grocery store today. I bought two gallons of milk we desperately needed. Also, most of our meals we’re eating lately need sour cream (and really, it’s a need, not just a luxury) so I got a small carton, plus 2 tomatoes, an avocado and 3 bananas. Everything was on sale and was needed to get us through another week. We kind of decided we wouldn’t TOTALLY skimp on fresh produce, just somewhat.

Money saved includes not running the dryer as much this month since Emily got me my clothesline. Only running errands when I absolutely must and usually revolving it around another event during the day (like picking B up from school). Not buying candles from the neighbor girl to help pay for her cheerleading stuff (broke our hearts!). Not going out to lunch on Sunday (sad!!!). Not buying a Caramel Frappe from Harbor House when I really wanted one (saved extra sugar and fat on that one too!). I’d say that’s a good $60+ we saved in the last 4 days. Nice!



  1. Can’t you jimmy-rig your own birth control? You’d save almost $20!

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