Posted by: mosblog | March 26, 2010

Bella Grathe Thlange

Last night one of Bella’s teeth was hanging by a thread. I pulled it out. Then this morning the other tooth was also pretty loose (but not as much so). I pulled it out too. The first one had a lot of anticipatory crying beforehand and giggling after. The second one began with bravery and ended with crying and blood. But, now she has a cute little lisp. :o)



  1. she looks so cute! and she looks just like you Monica! Congratulations Bella!

  2. Awe, she looks so cute!

  3. this wasn’t caused by lack of toothpaste during frugalspring was it?

    I understand the drama… losing teeth at our house is HORRIBLE…
    you’d think it was one of the 7 layers of hell…seriously…the girl is just slightly over dramatic about losing them…hoping the boy takes it better…

    oh, and Bella looks so cute with her teeth gone…

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