Posted by: mosblog | April 7, 2010

8 days of frügalspring left

Sorry I haven’t written in a while about frügalspring. It’s kind of annoying me and so I try to ignore it.

The last couple of weeks haven’t been all that bad. We are slacking some on keeping lights off and taking shorter showers and such, but the heater is still turned down to 62 (except for the occassional 68* so I can warm up before going to bed) and we’ve still spent very little money.

We have bought gas and milk and a few veggies and fruit. We’ve spent less than $20 on food in the last 3 weeks so that’s kind of fun. We have eaten out twice too. We drove to Cloverdale a couple Sundays ago because Eric’s Dad was preaching at a little church there. Afterwards Rocky bought us lunch and boy was it tasty! Noah and I also ate out for free when Joanne and Joe were in town and took the two of us to breakfast (Eric was at work and Bella was at school). Another treat for me was when Amie and Krishelle bought me Frappes on back to back days. Yummo!

Last week I had a rotten afternoon. Had we not been on frügalspring I would have scraped the dinner idea and asked Eric to take me out. <sigh> But, I still cooked and in the end it felt good to not spend money even though it meant more work for me.

I have lots of great ideas as to how I will be spending my money once we’re done with frügalspring. They mostly involve fabric, eating out and fruit. Those are the money related things that make me happy.

We’ve also bought pull ups for Noah as I ran out. I see them as an investment though seeing as they’ll keep me from having to change sheets and wash off a mattress every couple of days. Yick!

This week will consist of putting together our next month-long menu based on what’s still in our pantry and freezer. I don’t think I did a good enough job of trying to plan around what we already had. We already have a lengthening list of things we’re completely out of, and there are many things that are almost gone. This week will also consist of trying to get through each day without justifying spending some money. Talk about a battle in my head!

In regards to next month I’m thinking we’ll continue many of the trends of frügalspring but ease up a bit. Budget out exact amounts of money for food but do one major shopping trip and then something like two minor ones.

Lastly, you should know that Bella asked the other day if we’d be done with “not spending any money for a month” by the time her birthday is here (that’s in June). :o) She really wants a bike, keyboard, violin and a Nintendo DS. Dream on, sister! Oh, which reminds me. She also wants a baby sister. Fat chance!!!



  1. You are doing great! Keep up the good work!

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