Posted by: mosblog | April 11, 2010

3 More Days of frügalspring!!!

Yesterday frügalspring really helped us! We had a whole fun-filled afternoon out as a family and spent $2! We went to the free kids fair at the park (put on for Child Abuse Awareness Month). The kids got to jump in a jump house, play with colored sand and seeds, eat cupcakes, get their faces painted, get balloon swords and goodie bags, ALL FOR FREE! Then, Eric treated us to Angelina’s with a gift card he had been saving. We had coffee and hot cocoa. Yum! The $2 was spent when he went to pay and he had $1 left on the card, so he bought a DELICIOUS $3 loaf of parmesan garlic bread. YUMMO!

I also spent a few dollars a couple days ago on a gift to all of you. It was more deoderant for Eric. You’re welcome!!!

I’m sick of frügalspring still but when Eric suggested today that he bring home a pizza from Round Table after church I told him no. We need to stick this out. I think he’s trying to pamper me as best he can right now since it’s “Lady’s Week” and I’m an unhappy camper. When I’m in a bad mood or have a migraine or have lady’s week I really just want everything else in life to be convenient and easy. Apparently that costs money. <sigh> Looking forward to Thursday!!!



  1. good job mo! What an awesome thing to do & actually stick to it! I really really wanted to stop at WalMart last night when i was at a mtg in CL…but I resisted and got on the highway! What I really need is to have all shopping internet sites blocked!!!! Free me from this internet….free me!!

  2. How did it all go? Did you save a considerable amount? Will there be some thing that you will be adopting into your regular lifestyle? Sorry for the 20 questions, just really curious!

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