Posted by: mosblog | April 20, 2010

Noah has learned to spell!

Noah’s been really into learning about his letters lately, and reading too. He tries to emphasize his points by repeating the last word a few times, then spelling it and saying it again. Here’s how it goes….. “Mom, you can’t have my yogurt. No. No. B-I-N, No!” Or, “I’m really strong, Mom! Strong. Strong. B-I-N, Strong!” Or after asking him how many skunks he saw while we were on the skunk train he said, “None! None! B-I-N, none!”

Okay, so he isn’t actually spelling the word he’s trying to emphasize, but he thinks he is. And he spells every single one of them “B-I-N.” I love my crazy kid!

(side note- Bella just finished reading her first BIG books…over 200 pages. so proud! when I suggested she check some out of the library she said she couldn’t read them, but after telling her it’s just like reading the shorter ones she was up for it. read Little Women last week, even.)



  1. That’s really cute. And way to go, Bella. Some of my 3rd graders wouldn’t even try chapter books!

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