Posted by: mosblog | July 8, 2010

Be a Gentleman!

Noah’s been acting like a disgusting boy for the last two days. Laughing hard after intentionally tooting near Bella…multiple times. Sitting on her bed with nothing on. Burping. Hitting. Calling names. Need I go on?

I finally realized he’s been like this ever since we went to the zoo. Of course, the zoo had nothing to do with it. It was the car ride there and back. He rode in the boys car. Boone, Mark, Eric, Steve and three little boys (Nathaniel, Levi and Noah). Apparently it was pretty stinky and lots of guy talk.

So today I’ve spent trying to teach Noah that that’s all okay UNLESS there’s a girl around. Once a female is in the room/car/vicinity he has to act like a gentleman. Apparently the boys forgot to mention that what they were doing/smelling like/saying was for the boys only, never to be shared with the girls. <sigh>



  1. amen 🙂 boys!!

  2. I feel your pain!

  3. i completely understand – asher is obsessed with everything gross! i can’t wait until the other two join in one day 😛

  4. I can not imagine riding all the way to SF with them

  5. That is so funny– having boys and no girls around but me, I have incorporated “MANners.” Whether we are in a restaraunt or just out in public in general, I remind them with our codeword…

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