Posted by: mosblog | July 28, 2010

The 7 Golden Meals

So Eric’s been suggesting for quite some time that I do a dinner of the day type meal planning. You know, every Monday you eat this, every Tuesday you eat that, etc. I’m finally going to try it for the month of August but need help determining which meals make the list.

Sundays we usually eat out for lunch so we eat a small something for dinner.
Mondays I think Bella will have soccer practice so it needs to be easy clean up.
Tuesdays are open.
Wednesdays Eric often eats after us as he almost always has worship practice.
Thursdays we sometimes have Refuge.
Fridays we sometimes have plans.
Saturdays we sometimes have plans too.

So, please help. What would YOU cook any one or all of these days? And the easier, cheaper, and lower in fat/sugar that your suggestions are the higher up on my “people I think are awesome” list you will go.



  1. P.S. The photo is of Elissa at Noah and Abram’s first birthday. Boy do I miss that girl!

  2. I would say that you could definitely have a Mexican night. Maybe you could then have tacos one Tuesday, fajitas another, taco salad another, etc. And obviously you could change up the meats to make it healthy, etc. That way you would have a consistent “theme” but not always the same thing. (but maybe this is not what you are looking for… Also maybe one night could be a freezer meal night where you would pull something from the freezer the night before to make for a simple prep that night. I would love to see what you come up with. Good luck!

  3. Monday…grilled cheese and tomato soup. Mondays always seem to be tired so the easier the better. That is one of our Monday meals during school time.

    Tuesday…a crock pot meal because of Awana. Chicken Tortilla Soup (Also…Amie and I switch making dinners for our families on these nights to make it easier on ourselves….maybe something you and Emily could do since you are close to eachother. I love love love this.)

    Wednesday… something reheatable and that you will have leftovers to fill in the gaps through the rest of the week.

    Thats all i got 🙂

  4. Hey. As poor college students we just eat the frozen non-free range boneless chicken loaded with hormones (from the boneless chicken ranch of course), homemade mashed potatoes, frozen broccoli and sometimes we splurge and have rice with that. We usually eat that every night with just mixing up the veggies.

    We live on the wild side up here!

  5. Dinners at the Sherwood’s…

    Mondays are Pasta;
    Spaghetti, primavera, chicken mac & cheese; it usually rotates depending on my mood. Serve it with a huge salad with lots of add-in’s, oh so yummy! Not the lowest in Calories but I figure it’s really all about portion size.

    Wednesday are taco night;
    Chicken, beef, fish, turkey; I use whatever I have on hand or what’s on sale that week. We usually load them with crisp lettuce, lots of pica de gallo, dirty rice & a little cheese. Remarkably low in fat, calories and very filling.

    Saturday is Breakfast 4 Dinner;
    Pancakes, waffles or crepes with eggs, bacon or sausage and lots of fruit. Kids have been known to devour an entire watermelon on a Saturday night. Monica’s oatmeal pancakes are a huge hit here as well as PW’s sour cream pancakes and the occasional batch on cinnamon rolls.

  6. Sundays we usually eat out for lunch so we eat a small something for dinner.


    Mondays I think Bella will have soccer practice so it needs to be easy clean up.


    Tuesdays are open.
    Wednesdays Eric often eats after us as he almost always has worship practice.


    Thursdays we sometimes have Refuge.


    Fridays we sometimes have plans.

    Hummus Pita Sandwhich

    Saturdays we sometimes have plans too.


  7. Sunday – Chicken Caesar Salad w/Parmesan Toast (grill 4 chic. breasts – 2 for tonight, 2 for Thursday) *Light & healthy for hot sunday evening

    Monday *Bella Soccer – Tex-Mex Chicken (crockpot recipe from Dena Graham) w/tortillas or rice *I love crock pots!

    Tuesday – Lemon-Cilantro Salmon over Rice w/Sautéed Broccoli & Onion *So easy, and really good!

    Wednesday *Eric Worship – BBQ Buffalo (bacon?) Burgers & Fruit Salad (buffalo tastes like beef, but lean like chicken)

    Thursday *Refuge-Grilled Chicken Quesadillas w/guacamole, salsa & sour cream & Mixed Green Salad *you’ve already got the chicken ready, just fry & eat!

    Friday – Stuffed Bell Peppers (easy if you have plans, and healthy!)

    Saturday- Leftovers

    I have recipes if you want.

  8. OK…so I don’t know what night you want to do what–but here are some standards at our house during the school year…summer–all bets are off

    boneless skinless chicken thighs grilled with rice and broccoli (I usually marinate the chicken in teriyaki (soy sauce, honey, garlic, pepper) or seasoned with garlic salt and pepper.

    AWANA night, mere and I do the trade off, usually a crock pot or casserole: chili, lasagna, shepherd’s pie, soup and biscuits, etc…

    soups–chicken noodle, white chicken chili, potato, homemade tomato (on these nights I try to make homemade biscuits or bread sticks or something like that–ty is not a big soup eater–but he likes to dunk)

    make a salad night–salad with tons of toppings…same with baked potatoes–or pizza (I make a double batch of pizza dough–shape–prebake and freeze–then just take out how many shells you need, top and bake)

    and at least once a week–if not more–we do some type of mexican fiesta–tacos, burritos, nachos, etc…

    All of the above is served with fruits and veggies…

  9. the other option is hungry man dinners every night of the week—they come in a variety of flavors and have their own over-packaged non-recyclable tray! if you buy plastic knives and forks…no DISHES!

  10. lots of ideas…

    love having a Mexican night opposed to making it the same meal….make the meat in the crock pot for easy clean up and low prep (lean ground beef or a few chicken breast or beef roast put meat in crock pot w/ 2 packages of taco seasoning and 1 pkg of onion soup mix and 1 cup of water…makes amazing mexi style meat…) use it for tacos, burritos, nachos, enchiladas, taco salad, quesadillas, etc

    have a meat and potato night…once again meat in the crock pot and it doesn’t have to be “red” meat…you can cook a WHOLE chicken in the crock!…put it in there with some potatoes and other veggies…throw in an onion soup mix package, or some Italian dressing, or a can of “cream of whatever veggie” you choose…or cut of an apple and celery and throw in some dried cranberries with the whole chicken…YUMMY…

    Sandwich night…we’ve been having BBQ pulled pork sandwiches this summer…and guess what I make the pork in the crock pot…1 pork roast, 1 jar of favorite bbq sauce…on low all day, that night “pull” the pork (shred with 2 forks) and serve on toasted rolls…or fried egg sandwiches…or tuna melts…or grilled cheese…or pb&j….

    love the breakfast for dinner…

    Salad night…it could be chicken salad (like tuna salad but with chicken), or taco salad, or Chinese salad, or pasta salad

    Pasta night… spaghetti, or mac & cheese, or raviolis with Alfredo sauce (have an easy homemade recipe on my blog ), or tortellinis with pesto, or lasagna or manicoti

    Maybe an Ethnic night…make Italian, Chinese (really easy let me know if you are interested), Mexican, German, etc….

    I have a few “throw down meals” on my blog….those might get you started…let me know if you have any questions…

  11. that last “comment” was mine…don’t know why my name came up as “ki”…might be my new rocker name…

  12. weird…my 1st comment disappeared…ARGH…I had written you a book!

    okay…one night Mexican night…make the meat in the crock pot…meat of your choice (lean ground beef, chicken breast, beef roast) 2 pkgs of taco seasoning mix, 1 pkg onion soup mix and 1 cup water…cook all day on low, and use meat for tacos, nachos, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, taco salad…throw in a can of black or pinto beans and some corn to give it a Tex-Mex feel…

    one night pasta… spaghetti…max & cheese…raviolis with Alfredo…tortellini with pesto…pasta salad…ziti with spaghetti sauce, spinach and cheese…mix and match the sauces and the pasta…the family will think you’re a genius!

    Breakfast night

    Meat & potato night…meat in the crock pot…change up the meat…you can cook a whole chicken in the crock pot (chopped up an apple or two and a few stalks of celery and add a few handfuls of dried cranberries, toss the together and put in the crock with the chicken…cook rice with the broth from the crock right before dinner…YUMMY!)…you can make meat loaf in the crock pot toss a few potatoes and your golden for a meat and potato night…sounds WEIRD but a beef roast with 2 cans of cheddar soup and a few potatoes in the crock all day on low… BEST ROAST E.V.E.R!!!

    Salad night…chicken salad (like tuna salad up chicken), grilled chicken on a green salad, taco salad, pasta salad, Chinese salad, fruit salad with yogurt…look at salads at your favorite restaurants and try to make them at home…

    sandwich night…we’ve had BBQ pulled pork sandwiches a few times this summer…pork roast in the crock pot with 1 jar of bbq sauce, all day on low and shred with 2 forks, serve on toasted rolls…grilled cheese sandwiches, fried egg sandwiches, hoagie’s, pb&j…etc…

    I have a ton of “throw down” meals on my blog…let me know if you have any questions…

  13. I usually plan the meals for the week and then make what I want on whatever night works best. I also try to “piggyback” meals, so we might have a roast or steak one night and then tacos or burritos the next using the left-over meat. (Make sure to make extra so you have leftovers) Having the same thing every Mon. night etc. might get boring. I know the boys would get burned out. The idea of soup night or ethnic nights might be good and give you better variety. We are considering having the boys make dinner one night a week. Happy meal planning! 🙂

  14. This will have to be something we eat. Just tried it tonight. So good! A few changes I made: 1 cup of the flour I used was whole wheat. Also, I didn’t have cornmeal so didn’t use any and I also didn’t let it rise so long as I don’t plan ahead enough.

    If you need some fresh rosemary I have a crazy huge bush of it behind our swing set. Help yourself.

  15. I think I would get bored of weekly meals! I do a monthly meal plan making sure we get a variety of red meat, fish, chicken and vegetarian meals … and I really don’t understand why my husband says “Hi Monica, I’m Chandler.” I’m not super-organized or anything! *hides label maker*
    My sister does the same meals every month. That way you can be sure to do a roast chicken once a month and use the chicken for other meals (that’s a big fave for a busy week here). So what you need are 4 quickies for the four Mondays, a big meal for Tuesday that you can freeze half of for another night, giving you four meals for next month…
    One regular easy meal for us is roasted cherry tomatoes (in a baking tray with some olive oil on 450 for 20mins), olives, feta and pasta. Served with a salad or veggies. Another easy one is stir fried cabbage, red peppers and garlic with pasta. Or risotto… but cheaters risotto where I cook the rice ahead and then stir fry some veg and mix the rice in… and sometimes we turn that into Nasi Goreng by adding a fried/poached egg on top for protein… Oh dear… whenever the discussion is about food I always find I have plenty to say…

  16. I thought of this recipe in the middle of the night, it is SO good and SO easy! We do eat it with sugar snap peas (delicious and easy when sauteed with a little olive oil and vidalia onions) and I buy the box of Pearled Couscous at Safeway, SO YUMMY and QUICK!

    Basil Orange Chicken

  17. Ah, I’m taking over, I forgot to write another thing that helps me…I have 5 or 6 weekly menus for each season, so I rotate those. It’s nice because it helps me take advantage of what’s in season and in summer we eat more “hot weather foods” like salad and BBQ stuff, while in winter there’s soups, casseroles, etc. Just a thought…

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