Posted by: mosblog | August 11, 2010

Marriage Discussion

Bella: I’m living here forever!
Me: What about when you’re married? Don’t you want to live with your husband?
Bella: We’ll both live here.
Me: Uh…..
Noah: I’m going to marry my sister.
Me: Noah, you can’t marry your sister.
B: Yeah, it’s against the law.
N: It’s against duh law? But I don’t want to marry a stranger!
Me: You’re not supposed to marry a stranger. You’re supposed to find a girl that is your best friend and marry her. That’s what Dad and I did. We weren’t strangers we were best friends.
N: I don’t want to do that.
Me: Well you don’t have to get married at all.
N: Okay, I’m not gonna get married!
Bella: Do you think my friend knows I’m going to marry him? Maybe I should tell him.
Me: Maybe just wait. You won’t get married for a long time anyway so just focus on being friends for now.
B: Okay.
N: I’m not gonna marry anybody!


  1. Or you can just go online and….

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