Posted by: mosblog | August 16, 2010

I’m Lucky!

So I went to KMart hoping and praying they had shin guards for Bella’s first soccer practice tonight. I’m lucky, they did!

And to make it even more worth the trip they had free entertainment out in the parking lot. It was great! I was buckling my seatbelt when a man stopped his little Geo Tracker behind me and began to get out. The man in the van behind him was none to happy and yelled at him through his barely open window. “Get out of the way!” Mr. Tracker apparently left his prescription he had just picked up in his cart and was getting out to get it. He glanced up, scowled, and started moving even slower. Mr. Van honked. I laughed. Mr. Tracker then got back in his car. Took his sweet time to put his seatbelt on, stretched his arms wide (all the way out the window even), took a drink of his soda, adjusted his seat. Mr. Van yelled something about him being an ass. And then they both drove off.

And I got to see all of that for a nominal fee of $4.88 for shin guards. I’m lucky!



  1. Lucky!

  2. I get people like that all the time when I am trying to Valet. Little do they know that it’s not my car I am driving and I have no qualms about running them over which is great too as I am medically trained and would love to assist them over to the curb so they don’t bleed on the street.

    Compassion in Portland!

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