Posted by: mosblog | August 23, 2010

Some things I made in August

I started out with these two shirts:

And made this skirt for Bella. Front:

Back of skirt:

Covered up a stain on Bella’s polo with a big, flowery “B”:

Recovered two pillows using fabric from Ikea:

When Wamu changed to Chase I got some of the old Wamu shirts at a yard sale and made this skirt (finished it last weekend):

Finished a few more pendants:

Finished a small bag that I felted from a wool sweater:

Remade this bag into a tote:

And made these two tree pictures using canvas, mod podge, fabric scraps cut into leaves, paint and the outline of my kids’ hands (kind of proud of these):


  1. Wow! All that talent within walking distance of my house. Maybe if I hang out in your yard some of it will leak out the windows and I can go home and make a whole bunch of amazing things 🙂

  2. you are so creative! i especially LOVE the hand idea you came up with!!! i am gonna have to try that one!

  3. Great job Mo!

  4. love love love the hand trees! everything looks great!

  5. Monica-
    You need to look at this blog:
    It is mostly about quilting, but today she posted a quilted guitar strap and a few weeks ago she posted a quilted camera strap. I have been following her for about a year. She has some great quilts and other things. I made a rag rug out of old t-shirts from her site.

  6. Everything looks lovely sister. I love the hand trees too.

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