Posted by: mosblog | August 26, 2010

Goodbye facebook

I deactivated my account today. I found out some bummer news via facebook. It just reminded me that while there is good that comes from facebooking there is enough bad that sometimes makes it not worth being on there. So for now, I’ll blog and I’ll e-mail and I’ll try to answer my phone more.

To e-mail me, write to me at monica (at) bitsculptor (dot) com. (I wrote it like that so I don’t get even more spam.) Or feel free to call me. If you don’t have my phone number, write a note to Eric on facebook and ask him for it.



  1. I’m sorry that you had that happen. Sometimes people forget how really impersonal facebook is…..I love all the wonderful tings you have been making.

    • I thought I was going to do that. You are braver than I. I missed hearing about everyone. I still try to weed out much of the rotten stuff. Remember, I’m just around the corner. Let’s train a pigeon to carry messages to and fro. Especially the crafty, yummy, cute messages 🙂

  2. I’m actually bummed that FB is not blocked at work anymore……I’m gonna have to pretend it still is so I get my work done!!

  3. Hey Monica.

    I deactivated my FB account in July. Unfortunately, I didn’t notify the people I care about. I was just thinking maybe I’d get back on so I could keep in touch with friends like you. But now I’m reassured I did a healthy thing. (I heard some bad news through a friend through FB this weekend, too.) Guess I’ll have to start blogging more, so I can keep up with you. 🙂

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