Posted by: mosblog | September 11, 2010

Noah’s first day of preschool

Noah started preschool today at Miss Terrie’s. He loved it! But, let’s start with last night.

Last night while Eric and Bella were at soccer Noah and I went out on a little date. He rode his scooter as I walked down to Renee’s Cafe for hot chocolate (it wasn’t really cold enough but I didn’t want him to have a full milkshake). We talked while there. I tried not to cry as I realized life was going to begin to change the next morning. Granted, he’d only be at preschool 2 mornings each week but next year it’ll be 5 mornings and the year after will be full time school. <sigh> He’s the baby and my roll will be completely different with the kids. That’s what I’m sad about. I was just figuring this whole thing out and now it’s all going to change. Oh well. I want them to grow up and I am enjoying the benefits of it all.

Anyway, enough about me. I asked Noah last night what he wants to do when he grows up. “Ride motorcycles, be a worker for Dad, and drive race cars.” I asked what he was going to do for Dad. “I’m gonna work for him doin’ stuff on duh compooter so he can be at home wif you.” When asked where he’s going to live….”Is it okay if I don’t live wif you?” (yes, but you have to come visit a lot!)

Today after preschool I asked him what his favorite part was. “Two fings. Duh shnack and going outside to play.”

Another cool thing…going to preschool with his two cousins, Abram (4) and Nathaniel (3).

A photo of Bella’s first day of preschool and Noah’s first day!



  1. Love this! What a cutie pie he is!!!!

  2. The biggest difference between Noah and Bella’s first day of preschool is the front door looks much better on noah’s pic!

  3. I completely know how you feel. Try putting your first born on a plane to another state to go to college. All you can see (through the tears) is the picture of him or her on the porch in front of the door.

  4. He is so grown up! Already looking like a kindergartener.
    P.S. Mikey’s comment cracked me up!

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