Posted by: mosblog | September 13, 2010

Bella’s First Day of Second Grade

Bella started school today. She’s moving up to a new classroom for the first time. Her teacher is Mrs. Madison (and once Mrs. Shaw is sick of her new baby she’ll be in there too one day a week).

I was super proud of Bella. She met a new girl who would be in her class (combined 2nd/3rd). The new girl was a littler nervous just checking things out. I asked Bella to invite her to play ball so she wouldn’t be so nervous and would be okay with her Mom leaving. Bella said she would. It worked. The Mom was able to leave, the little girl was super happy, and I think Bella just made a new good friend. I love my girl!

Biggest difference between Bella’s first day of Kindergarten and her first day of 2nd grade- no kisses or hugs were given this time. It’s not that she didn’t want them, she was just so distracted and happy and ready to go that we all just waved as she went in and it was over.



  1. Ahhh, our kiddos are growing up! Love the pictures! I am glad I saw these since I didn’t even get to actually see Bella at school. 🙂

  2. Photo 1: Bella saying “I’m watching you!” to Dad.
    Photo 9: We get little Erik twice a week. He and Noah are buddies!
    Photo 10: Bella and her new friend.
    Photo 11: Bella and Mrs. Madison (2nd/3rd grade teacher and the principal)
    Photo 12: Bella, her new friend, and some thugs.

  3. Mrs. Madison is going to have her hands full with those thugs.

  4. Bella—you look beautiful!
    Noah—I see you’re wearing your lightening bolt shirt again—I’m glad it still fits cuz I know you like it a lot.
    Love and hugs to both of you.
    Grandma Jo

  5. One more comment…I just love your family! Thug friends and all.

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