Posted by: mosblog | September 20, 2010

Noah’s Homework

On Friday Noah was sent home from preschool with a sheet of paper to practice writing his letter “A” on. This morning he was tearing through breakfast so he could work on it. Just as I was about to hand it to him he started getting this attitude about not wanting to do it. He sighed a lot. I asked him what was wrong and basically it came down to the fact that he thought he wasn’t supposed to like doing homework. Once I convinced him that kids his age like homework he got right on it.

Then, he worked and worked with Eric’s help on writing his “A”s. After Eric left for work Noah decided all but 2 of the “A”s needed to be erased and re-done. He worked longer to erase them all than he did to write them.

What do these two stories tell you about where we’re headed with him as far as years of schooling goes?

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