Posted by: mosblog | October 9, 2010

Things I Need from….Yes, NEED!

If I lived somewhere where it was cold much more than it was warm I’d have a large closet just for me to fill with cool coats like these (this, by the way, will never happen):

Of course, I need some dresses too……

And some sweet boots!!!!

And Scarf and Gloves….

Another reason this won’t happen? Cost comes to just under $1,000. YIKES!!!



  1. we have Kmart…what more do you need?

  2. Well…now I do…and now I have 9 new items for my Christmas list. There’s at least one perk to sub 32 degree weather….I’m trying to be optimistic here because come January/February the I know I’m going to question our sanity in wanting to move back to IL:-)

  3. I agree, you absolutely need these items. I mean you DO set the cool standard around here and we must keep you looking fabulous darling 🙂

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