Posted by: mosblog | December 1, 2010

I’m not a dictionary!

Eric and I use normal grown up words with our kids and then just tell them what they mean (for instance, Bella told a kid the other day “That is not appropriate behavior in a restaurant” because she’s heard it before). Also our kids often ask me what certain words mean and then re-use them later. This doesn’t always work out well when I can’t think of a good definition or am tired and not really thinking at all.

For instance, a few years ago Bella asked me what it means to be “blazing hot.” I told her it just basically means it’s really, really hot outside. Later she told me she was “blazing tired.” More recently Noah asked me what it means when you’re “soaking wet.” I told him it means you’re really, really wet. He now describes the temperature outside as “soaking cold.” Apparently “really, really” isn’t a good way to define a word…



  1. I need an instant message as soon as Noah uses the phrase I taught him yesterday….

  2. I was just thinking “blazing hot” would be a good description for you. This is of course coming from the Nana Nancy who lives around the corner and has been known to adore your family. Not the crazy lady that thinks you are “blazing hot”.

  3. I’m soaking tired right now…and blazing hungry!

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